Scars Of The Past Episode 1

Scars Of The Past Episode 1


Episode One 

Sounds of gunshots filled the air, as Henry and his cronies invaded the school vicinity. Henry had murdered an innocent man. Maybe the man was on the wrong side, or he had no clue that Henry is the most feared guy on campus. The leader of the Notorious "BL*OD SPILLERS GANG" 

No one dares to cross paths with him. 

Students take to their heels at the sight of him, lecturers pee in their pants when they hear his name. No lecturer had the gut to fail him in their course, who would want their face lacerated with bullet holes and matchet wounds?

His name is like singeing sirens in the hearing of multitudes. 

HENRY WILLIAMS - The governor's only son who scares away lions, the man with the neck of a dove, but ornamented with the heart of a dragon - merciless.  

If Henry slaughtered a girl for declining his romantic beacon, what will he do to any man who comes close to his girlfriend? That's synonymous with dicing with death. 

Henry met this guy talking to his girlfriend Mirabel in public, and that's against his principles. Maybe if the guy had been told beforehand, seven bullets wouldn't be exploring oasis on his face at the moment. 

The school vicinity became void of students, the constant echoes of gunshots scared everyone away. The school security guards were the first to juggle their way into the bush. No one wants to incur the wrath of the BLOOD SPILLERS. 


"Henry you went rather too far! For crying out loud, why would you waste an innocent man's life just like that?" Mirabel blurted out. She folded her hands akimbo, glaring at Henry whose demeanor isn't depicting any remorse. 

"Honey, that bastard deserved to die. He overstepped his boundaries, and I taught him a lesson. I'm supposed to be mad at you right now! What were you doing with that dweeb?" Henry spat. He stood up from the sofa. He walked to the bar stand at the other zenith of the living room to get a bottle of whiskey. 

"Henry for Pete's sake, that guy you mu*dered was just explaining an assignment to me, there was nothing between us. I can't believe you could be so mean and hear...." 

"Watch your tongue young lady!" Henry impeded. 

He scampered close to her. He gulped down the liquor from the bottle in his hands. He winced at the whizz of the alcohol. His face - decked with a scowl. 

"Don't you dare call me heartless? You're mine, and I will always protect you. No one dares touch what belongs to me" Henry growled. Mirabel gasped at the smell of alcohol that oozed from his breath. It sent thrills of nausea into her ridge. 

"I'm not your property, Henry. I'm not. And I will never be.  I don't even know how I fell in love with you in the first place. You repulse me!" Mirabel spat, irked. Her face shrunk into a frown, portraying a snow of irritation. 

A scornful cackle darted out of the corner of Henry's lips "This girl no know as e dey go" he said, turning his gaze to his gang member who sat on a sofa, peering at the disputing lovers. "You belong to me, little brat. Even your father can't lay claims on you anymore. Chief Davies no go wan collect Nah" Henry snarled. 

A ball of fury elicited in Mirabel's throat as she blinked her eyeballs like the tail of a rattlesnake. 

She connected her palms to his right cheek! 

A thunderous slap. 

"Henry's gang member whisked to Mirabel, trying to avenge his boss. "No, let her be" came Henry's husky voice. He held his cheek in pain. 

"If you dare touch me, you'll spend the rest of your miserable life in jail" Mirabel shot him a dire glare. He gritted his teeth. He tightened his fist like he'd punch out her intestines. But he dares not! 

Chief Davies Nwachukwu will deal with anyone who lays a finger on his only daughter. 

Henry feigned a frown. He didn't expect that reaction from her. All through their two years of dating, such had never happened before. He never knew Mirabel could raise her hands on him, the leader of the "BSG gang" 

"And as for you Henry. This RELATIONSHIT is over. I can't be dating a cold-bl*oded murderer and cul"ist like you. I hate you with everything that lives in me" she screeched. She tilted her head, pushing aside the braid that scurried to her face. 

"Mirabel you will regret this" Henry gurgled. 

"You think I'm afraid of you? You dare not play any of your dirty games with me. It's over, I can't deal with you anymore. Get that into your dumb skull" Mirabel spat. She slammed the door behind her as she stormed out of the house - enraged. 

"Carpun, you should have allowed me to deal with that thing. Look at what she did to you" The other guy said as he wrung his eyebrows. 

"Come closer to me. Let's talk" Henry beaconed to him. 

Oblivion of Henry's intentions, he moved closer, leaning his head forward for a whisper. 

Henry shattered the bottle of whiskey in his hand on his head. His body - was drenched in alcohol and beads of bloo*d. He fell to the floor, groaning in pain. 

"That's what you get for calling my girlfriend a thing, you blo*dy moron" Henry fumed. 

"Clean up this mess, and make sure you get the other boys ready, we have a mission tonight! Do that right now" He shrieked. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He walked away, chuckling mischievously, and mumbling inaudible words. 


The night crept into Nathan's eyes as he walked back to his dorm. The school's frenzy and rancorous state made him cancel his reading schedule for the night. He escaped the shootings. The school seethed in sixes and sevens

Random thoughts flew through his mind as he walked past the arts faculty. He heard nothing, except the sounds that trickled from his feet as he walked stealthily, heading to the gate. 

Nathan maneuvered his way through the back gate. He heard sirens - the police. That's their culture - showing up after the crime has been committed. 

Nathan ran out of the premises, striding through the footpath among vast bushes. An uncompleted building was down the path, and Nathan reckoned it would be nice to rest a little and catch his breath, before proceeding home. 

A muffling noise rang at Nathan's ear. 

At first, he assumed its the product of his imagination. But the muffles persisted. In happenstance, the sound emanated from the uncompleted building, where he stood. 

He cringed in fright. His body - coated in sweat, and his heart and hand trembled. He dropped his backpack on the floor, in a voyage to figure out where the noise came from. 

It looked like someone is in danger. 

Nathan's wristwatch glittered at the glint of the moon that shimmered the surface. He made his way into the building, without stumbling on the scattered broken bricks, half woods, and stones. 

"You think you can leave me just like that huh?" Came the hoarse voice. 

A lady's life is in danger. 

The voice manacled Nathan's steps. He clutched the rough wall, to avoid creaking motions. 

"You're a fool, for thinking I will let you dump me" The unknown voice reverberated again. 

A mind-cramping slap followed. 

Nathan heard a lady groan in pain. Her voice - void of rigor and the item hemmed into her mouth wouldn't let her shriek for help. All she did was fumble and muffle. 

Nathan moved closer to the part of the building where the noises came from. 

He stood by the window. His deck of sight met with them. He had a proper view of the chaotic scene.

Four men, all clothed in black shirts and pants. They plopped the lady on the floor as they formed an orbit around her. 

Seeing her, made shrills clasp Nathan's spine. 

He wondered what a beautiful girl like this could have done to merit such treatment. 

"No one dumps Henry and lives to tell the story" the man who stood adjacent to the lady said. 

Familiarity dawned on Nathan when he heard that name. Henry. He has never met him before, but even a fresher knows that Henry is the not*rious leader of a cu*t group. Not when they had just stimulated mayhem, moments ago. 

Nathan's creepy hand sought asylum in his wide-open mouth, as he almost gurgled at the name he just heard. Even a dead man won't forget that name at the drop of a hat. 

"You think you're special?" Henry scoffed. "What's special about you? You should be grateful, that I chose you over the thousand and one girls I have at my fingertips" He paused. 

Nathan kept gawking from the window, trying not to be sighted. 

"You even had the guts to slap me, because I mentioned your father's name" He let out a scornful cackle. "Well, let's see how Chief Davies will feel when his daughter's corpse is found on the streets tomorrow morning. I'm sure it will make the headlines too. I'm even giving your father free promo" He scorned, and they all burst into laughter. 

Nathan stood still. He couldn't see the lady's face clearly, but he knew trouble loomed on her. 

"You know I love you. I would have stabbed you or made your face over with Ten b*llets. But I won't kill you like that. At least, I will taste your V for the very last time" Henry whispered as he unbuckled his trousers. He paddled his lower lips with the tip of his tongue, like a hungry dog slobbering for a chunk of meat.

"You know how we do it now. But tonight will be different, because you have four d*cks to satisfy" Henry huffed, and the three other guys unbuckled their trousers too. Henry crouched close to her. He swiftly pulled out his erect manhood. 

Nathan's eyes twitched with fury at the sight of them. They were going to have a sensual feast on an innocent girl. "It's now or never" Nathan muttered to himself. 

He reached out for the huge plank that lay on the floor, beside him. He stormed into them. He slammed the wooden plank on Henry's head. He collapsed on the floor, wailing and groaning in excruciation. 

His three gang members never saw that coming. One of them pulled out his gun - ready to fire. Nathan's instincts were faster. He shoved the gun off his grip with the plank in his hands, dislocating every single bone in the hand. 

The other two guys pulled out daggers. Nathan's heart pulsated hard in terror at the sight of the weapons, but he intends to save the innocent girl. 

He barraged one of the men with the plank, but he dodged it and the plank fell off Nathan's grip, rendering him unarmed. 

The two men ran towards Nathan, like hyenas ready to swoop on a prey. Nathan landed a jab on one of them. He collapsed, and blood oozed from his nose. 

The remaining guy had an apparent aim on Nathan! 

He stabbed him in the chest! 

Nathan's view blurred, the pains - unbearable. He fell to his knees and grabbed the wound, trying not to lose too much blood. He tried to stand on his feet again. He felt a sharp gore on his back again. The guy stabbed him again. 

He fell to the floor, his eyes - dwalded and darkened. He lost consciousness. 

To be continued.

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