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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Griezmann, about Messi: “He talks little, and I …”

The French player, about his adaptation at Barça: “I need time to improve, even if I feel comfortable. I’m missing things to be the best Griezmann possible.”

Griezmann appeared at a press conference to discuss the current situation of Barça and analyze this Wednesday’s game between the Barca team and Inter, at the Camp Nou.

Special match : “The Champions league games are always special and this one more for me, because it is the first with Barça at home. We will have to do a great teamwork and win in the best way.”

Low : “It is always more difficult when there are Ansu, Leo, Luis, Ousmane …, but we must find the best way to win. We have a great squad and we will find a way to win.”

Adaptation : “I need time, even if I feel comfortable and confident. I need to improve, especially in my movements, to get more into play. There are still things to be the best Griezmann possible.”

Relationship with Messi : “He is not someone who talks a lot and neither do I, so it is difficult for us to talk. I have already given them some mate and we are in the right direction. We are two good people guys and I am here to help.”

How is Dembélé? : “He trains, arrives before training to reinforce his legs and body, he is taking care of himself, but when you get into injury dynamics it is difficult to get in, but we are here to help you.”

Barça players have more power than at Atleti : “Gabi and Godín also had some power. There are players who are heard more, but the above issues come from the president.”

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