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Sunday, September 29, 2019

'Ronaldo is wonderful, but Messi is another level' - Lineker on the two GOATs

"Ronaldo is magnificent, however Messi is another level."Lineker gave his conclusion on these two football legends. 

Gary Lineker and Ronaldo fans have been occupied with a warmed discussion on twitter about who is the Best. A fan called 'piersmorgan' censures him for leaning toward Messi to CR7: "Messi has just won in Spain and never globally. Go whimpering about Brexit." 

At that point Lineker answered: "The prize goes to the best footballer. Do you figure dependability to a club should represent a mark against a player? Crazy." 

" Barça without Messi is actually how you expect Barça without Messi to be" 

Two days before Messi gets the FIFA Best, Lineker just watched Granada-Barca conflict that Messi didn't play this game. Lineker composed on twitter: "Barca without Messi is actually how you expect Barca without Messi".

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