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Sunday, September 29, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 14

Season 2
Episode 14(Final)
Brown's POV
It been long since i have time for myself nor for my family, staying day and night at the hospital, it really breaks my heart to see the Brooks family down. Russell is such a strong woman, seeing her lost husband in pains and her lost daughter and also Brittney things are just complicated for her, and we need to stand by her side, i pray Courtney survives cause we're all waiting for her to be awake and also Mr. Wilson and about Brittney we still not gonna give up on her, she'll be transfar to india for a further sugery, she need to survive. It really seems so sad to see one family suffering like this especially my Courtney whom have suffer all this years without her real family.
"have this," i said then drop a bottle of chill water for Greg who seems lost in his thought, i can see how much he truly loves Brittney and am not mad at him for breaking up with my sister cos everything happen for a reason.
"she'll gonna be fine," i said then tapped his shoulders.
"am just feeling sad for Mrs. Russell, for her family, i still can't understand why Brittney condition keep on getting worse each day, she lost her memory already, her condition is getting worse, i wonder what type of friend Arina is, i thought she was her best friend," Greg said sadly.
"of course she is, and believe me Arina regretted what she did if not she wouldn't risk her life just to save Courtney for the sake of Brittney, what she did is unforgivable thou but remember at last she did something which no one can pay her back and that's giving Brittney twin sister another chance to live, everything happens for a reason. Am not saying what Arina did to Brittney was right but had it been she haven't done that, who knows if Brittney might be the one to give out her heart to her sister or even me or Mrs. Russell their mother which their family would never be complete. Brittney will gonna survive and thats the only thing i know for sure," i said while he just nodded, they will be travelling the next day for Brittney treatment and Russell have decided to follow them.
Wilson's mother POV
I walked to the ward and saw my son unconscious on the bed, it all my fault, i have destroyed his family, my own son's family, i kept shedding tears and i stood up and saw Russell standing behind me in tears.
"Russell can you please forgive me, forgive my son too," i pleaded then knelt in front of her but she quickly held my hands to stood up.
"i have forgiven you and your son, but once Wilson is back to life i will have nothing to do with him again, not after what he did to me," she said in tears then turn to leave but i stopped her.
"Wilson did nothing, it was part of our plan, when we chase you out and we all thought you were death during the fire outbreak, we told Wilson you were death and we even fake your grave, to tell you the truth Wilson spent the whole months visiting your grave, he couldn't believe he lost both a good wife and also his innocent child with you, he was frustrated, he became a sad man and i know how badly he missed you, i know i was so wicked then i can't believe i let my son to pass through all these pain just because i never like you as my daughter in law. Tracy who was his ex girlfriend then told him about her being pregnant for him, at first he said he wasn't ready to replace anyone with you. I have to talk to him again and again and Tracy try her own best to win him, a DNA was conducted and it show positive which means the unborn child she's carrying is his child i never knew it was fake, she fooled me and my son, Tracy will gonna pay for this. That was how Wilson married her because of the child and that was Loren the stubborn wicked girl just as her mother. Wilson is not at fault in this, i was the one that destroyed this family out of foolishness and selfishness, am so sorry Russell," i said in tears while she looked at me in anger.
"i need to be alone," she said then hurried out. I looked at my son one more time before leaving, i don't know if he'll ever forgive me.
Loren's POV
I can't believe mom is arrested, i thought she was going to let me out of here, she promise to let me out of this goddamn prison but i can't believe she was also caught for murder, she killed the man that claimed to be my father i know she was just angry with him cos that man can never be my father even thou she told me the truth i still can't believe that. Wilson is my father and that's final. I wish they could give me one minute to talk to my mom but she was in seperate cell and we couldn't even communicate. Well all thanks to one of the male police Edmond whom i paid him just to allow me talk to my mom late in the evening in an empty room.
"Loren my child," she said in tears
"mom i thought you'll gonna save me from this place, why would you kill her that man that called himself my dad, tell me the truth mother is he truly my dad? i asked while mom kept quiet.
"Loren, let just look for a way to escape no time to waste asking stupid questions, Jeff is death already," she said while i just nodded, by tomorrow Brittney will be taken to india for her treatment. I really need to do something, i smirk then picked up my secret phone and smile caused i have a recorded call, it time for Anita to join me here," i smile to myself.
Russell's POV
I can't believe what Wilson's mother told me, i was shocked to hear that, it was all their plans to seperate me from Wilson, what sort of wicked mother is she? I walked in to Wilson's ward and looked at him again, with lost of wires connected to him, it makes me cry the more. I haven't enjoy my marriage all this while just because of some wicked people, life is so unfair to have made me enjoy my marriage only for just three months, life is so unfair for seperating me from the one i love all this while and being a single mother, if only i was with Wilson Courtney would have been treated a long time ago and this mess wouldn't have happen. Wilson you need to wake up soon for me and our two daughters, i pray Brittney survive, cos am just so scared, scared of what the future holds. I love you so much Wilson and i hope you still love me too, please be awake for the sake of our daughters," i cried out my eyes, my life has always been a mess, a big mess.
Anita's POV
Yes today will be the day Brittney will be taken to india for her treatment. Brown has being damn busy in the hospital i sometimes wonder if he turn out to be doctor all of a sudden. I was in the sitting room when the door bell rang and one of our maid open it i was shocked to see the cops.
"Miss Anita Kenton you're under arrest for the attempt murder of Miss Brittney, Greg and Mrs. Russell," one of the police officer said while i was a bit confused. I was shocked when he played the recorder, it was my call with Loren, was that a set up so she could drag me to jail to stay with her their, how could she do this to me. I was speechless and my mom was shocked to hear that. Brown came from his room, he looked so tired.
"what's going on here? he asked the cops and they told him and even played the recorded call for him the next thing i recieved from him was a slap, this the first time he slap me, i can't believe he just slapped me, my eyes were filled with tears as i looked up to him with a teary eyes.
"officer take her away," he said and i was shocked even thou i saw the sadness in his face, mom was also disappointed and am sure dad will be so angry if he heard about this. Loren is so wicked i shouldn't have side with her in the first place, so she wanted me to join her in the prison. I was handcuff and taken away then threw to an empty cell.
Greg's POV
Immedaitely the officer inform us about Anita's plan, i required to use my private jet to avoid all this nonsense. Anita will gonna face my wrath when am back but not now cos Brittney need to be treated, i can't believe she can go to this extent of killing us, i, Brittney and Mrs. Russell. After some hours we arrived to india, at mumbai, i hope my Brittney will be fine here and everything will work out good, cos its really killing me inside seeing her like this each day.
Loren's POV
mom has talked to one of the officers and has paid him well, tonight we gonna escape and am happy to drag Anita with me over here, i checked my time it was eleven PM and everyone seems asleep, everywhere was quiet and i slowly removed my slippers and walked over to Anita's cell, she was sleeping on the floor and i asked Edmond one of the police to wake her up for me.
"Loren..." she said looking surprise then rubbing her eyes.
"what are you doing here? she asked while i smiled.
"am so smart to have drag you here and am still smart cos am still leaving here tomight," i said with a smile while she slapped me so hard.
"you're so wicked Loren and i regretted knowing you, it a good thing my brother broke up with you because you're real devil," she seethed while i just smile at her then left. My mom was already outside waiting for me, we gonna use the backyard, it a good thing we have money to pay Mr. Edmond to help us get out of here.
"where are you two heading out, are you prisoners? one of the police asked and i was shocked seeing him, he was the officer i wonder what's he doing here late this night, i wanted to speak up but mom ran away, i can't believe she could be this foolish to just run away, now he'll gonna suspect us for sure.
"come back here," he yelled at my mom then looked at me with so much anger, he ran out to where my mom went and i was shocked to see her lifeless, she was hit by a car and i guess the person just left her their, it must be one of those careless drivers, damn it!. She was in a pool of her won blood and i couldn't help but to cry, what sort of nonsense is this, i was arrested again while my mom was taken to the hosptial immediately.
This time i was locked up in a seperate cell and i wasn't allow to see anyone, the only news i got from them was about the death of my mom, they told me she died even before she was rushed to the hospital. Mom was my last hope and she has already killed the man who claimed to be my dad, does that means am now an orphan, i can't believe all this is happening to me, i cried out my pains but am still gonna fight, it all because of that woman Russell and her daughter, she just ruin my family and must pay!
Brown's POV
I can't believe my own sister will plot to kill anyone, how can she be fooled like this, i have always knew Loren to be so stupid and wicked right from the day she pushed Courtney to the pool. Now she lose everyone and even try to escape with her mom which lead to her mother's death, the police are keeping much eyes on her and the promise us this time not to let her escape nor allow anyone be bribe for her to escape. Loren is now an orphan having no one by her side and it serves her right and as for my sister she was sentence six years imprisonment which was so difficult for me to believe at first, see what friend lead her too, bird of same feathers flock together if only she stay away from Loren in the first place this wouldn't have happen to her.
I communicate with Greg and Mrs. Russell each day and the said Brittney surgery went on successfully but she's on coma and also supported with a life supporting machine that means they will stay for quiet a long time in india, i just hope everything works out well.
I walked in to Courtney's room, i was glad when they doctor said she's awake, finally she's awake and am so happy about that even her grandmother too.
"Courtney.." i said slowly holding her hands softly, i really miss her cos it been a long time without her.
"Brown," she managed to pronouce my name while i smile.
"you're awake, finally you're back to us and i hope you'll never gonna leave us again Courtney, you don't know how much we all missed you," i said not knowing when tears slide down my face.
"Courtney my grandchild, am so sorry and am so happy you're awake," her grandma said while i smiled wiping away the tears in my eyes.
"thank you for being with me all this while, what about dad? she asked but i immediately changed the topic, i don't want her to receive bad news about her family first, at least i want her to smile then assure her everything will be fine.
This the great day of my life and i video called Mrs. Russell and Greg and told them about Courtney, i know Russell was so happy and she wished to come back immediately but i still know her happiness will never be complete without Brittney nor her husband. 
Things are fast getting better here, Mr. Wilson is awake and seems to recuperate fast, even Courtney is quiet recuperating fast and am so happy about it, i told her about the whole truth about Russell being her real mother and Brittney about her sister, but i haven't told her about Brittney's condition i just told her Brittney travelled, while Wilson is sick but i haven't told her his real condition not to scare her the more, this time we have to be careful with her heart not to get hurt again, i pray her sister get well soon so we could all celebrate this great renuion.
NINE Months later.
Courtney's POV
I really missed my mom, i was so happy when i was told that Russell is my mother and also Wilson turn out to be my real father, i have always feel connected to him all this while. It took time before i was told about what happen to my family, the same Arina who tried to kill Brittney was still the same person that give out her life for me, i owe her so much. But i can't believe this happening, dad was shot the very day he knows he truth about his real family and no one thoughts he will gonna survive, anyway am so glad cos dad forgave grandma and we are now together but this happiness can never be complete without Brittney who is still not awake from Coma, i just hope she ge better soon so i can't wait to see ansd talk to her as my twin sister now, life has been unfair to us but thank goodness non of us die during those bad times because God was still on our side, am actually better now, stronger than before and free from that damn heart disease, i wish i could be given the chance to see and thank Arina again. I was told about Loren and her mother who died while Loren is still in jail with her friend Anita, i have always knew they'll one day end their if they haven't change.
I, dad and Brown went to see Loren at the prison, i have to see her and dad also have something to tell her. We arrived their and sat the visiting area when she walked in with a handcuff, she was shocked to see us but she slowly sat down, i guess she must be ashamed of herself.
"dad..daddy please let me out of here, am sorry for everything," she started with tears.
"i should let you out of here so you could kill my family again, not this time Loren cos you'll rot here in jail," he said while i looked at the sad look on her face.
"dad, i thought ..
"am not your dad Loren, just forget you once call me your dad and i once called you my daughter, we are not related in anyway," he said then stood up and left.
"dad.. Brown.. please do something," she said then our eyes meet and i felt like crying, it so emotional. Loren was the only one friend and sister i heard ever since am a kid, i can't watch her rot in here like this.
"Courtney i know you're mad at me but look i was just trying to have what mine not knowing i was fighting a lose battle, just do a way so i can get out of here and i promise never to come back to your life again, i will go far away from you to let you enjoy your family, just this once Courtney, just this once do me this favor, even for the sake of us being friends when we were kids," she cried so bitterly and i couldn't help but to cry, Brown pulled me back in a huge and drag me out, dad has left already.
"won't you check on Anita? i asked Brown.
"not yet Courtney, i don't want to remind myself of the past again," he said.
"but i can't leave Loren like this she need my help, she need a second chance, she's my sister, we grew up together since we were kids even thou she was giving me some attitude i still love her and i miss her so much, i remember those days when we were kids dad will take us to the garden to chase butterflies and catch some fun, i remember my first day in school, she was the one that showed me places around, she was their for me but everything got ruined when you broke up with her, she let out the evil in her to manifest, but we all her human, please Loren need someone.." i said as tears slide down my eyes.
Do you think Loren deserve a second chance??
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