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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 13

Season 2
Episode 13(semi-final)

Russell's POV
I went to check on doctor steve to know about Brittney condition, if she's not getting any better we can transfer her to one of the hospital in india, Greg said he's willinging to do anything for her, i went closer to the door when i had a familiar voice, at first i wonder who the person might be and why she wanted my daughters killed, it now dawn on that it was Tracy, the woman who killed my brother Lucas and chase me out of my matrimonial home while Wilson was so foolish to have married her, she was the reason why i wasn't able to visit Courtney back then at the orphanage but i had to run away from them inoder to survive if not i would have been death by now, life has been miserable for me right from start and even now, tears slide down my eyes and i felt so much hatred for her, this the right time to get ride of her, i opened the door without even knocking and saw the shock face of the doctor and Tracy.
"haven't you done enough Tracy, aren't you tired of doing evil, what else did you need from me, why are you this wicked," i said so angry as i moved closer and slapped her.
"and you doctor Steve what were you thinking? i questioned while he nodded feeling guilty.
"just let me be" Tracy said as she pushed me aside then hurried out of the office, i quickly rushed out to follow her when i bumped into Greg.
Tracy quickly hurried home she knew for sure if she wasn't careful she will be also arrested, she quickly packed some of her stuff and picked up some of Wilson document and credit card then hurried outside but was shocked by who she saw at the door.
"you old witch again," she yelled at Wilson's mother.
"how dare you Tracy, i have always trusted you, why will you make me and my son live a life full of lies," Wilson's mother ranted then pushed her down as she quick picked up the credit card and document then locked the door.
"i will call the police right away," she yelled while Tracy quickly stood up and hurried to the gate.
"i need to get Loren out of the prison, i need to talk to Jeff," she said to herself then quickly picked up her phone to call him.
Tracy quickly arrived at the hotel at room 103, she meet Jeff and she was glad seeing him.
"Jeff, look am sorry for everything, we need to act as a family to pull the Brooks down, Wilson is already fighting for his life and the most shock thing is that Russell is alive and want me arrested. We have to kill her and also save Loren, remember you've been far away from your daughter she need you now," Tracy said shedding tears. which make Jeff to laugh.
"weldone for the drama, and since when have you know me as your family, haven't you have a good life enough am sure Wilson has given you whatever you needed, he said.
"i just want the three of us to start afresh again, Jeff am sorry for everything, i want us to build this family again, let's do anything to make sure Loren doesn't rot in jail," she said in tears then hugged him tightly and smirk behind, Jeff was silent while she was sobbing pretending to be sorry for everything. She slowly removed a small sharp knife she put in her jean pocket then stab Jeff at his back.
"you ruin everything Jeff, i warned you not to tell Wilson about the whole truth," she said with a smirk then pushed him down, he was already in his pool of blood.
"i thought you were for real Tracy," he whisper but she watch him die infront of her as she laughed.
"Loren don't worry dear, mommy is coming for you," she said to herself and quickly thought of escaping without anyone knowing suddenly the door went open and she was shocked by who she saw, Russell, Greg and Wilson's mother with the cops.
"what! did you just murder him? Greg asked as they walked in and Tracy was aslready shivering.
"Russell, how did you know am here? she asked in a whisper.
"i followed you cos i heard your call with that man you called Loren father, and lucky for me, Russell and the cops came to arrest you at home but you weren't their so i brought them here to you," Wilson's mother said while the police quickly use a handkerchief to collect the knife she stab Jeff with and was handcuff.
"you'll will all pay for this, i swear," Tracy yelled in tears, the cops quickly wrapped Jeff dead body in blanket and rushed him to the car.
Russell's POV
Everything is over now, Lyra and her sister are in jail, i was also told about Loren, Tracy daughter who hurt Courtney a lot, thank goodness she's in prison right now and Tracy must pay for all the wrong she did, just that the most shocking part was that Arina escape from the prison since yesterday and she hasn't been found, i have always love that Arina so much as my own daughter cos she contributed alot to my life and that of Brittney but she turn out to be a bad person because of money, i sometimes wish all this was a dream, so i would wake up one day and see Brittney and Arina playing as they used to before, i just hope she's not coming to hurt us again. I wipe away my tears as we all return to the hospital, i needed to know how Wilson is doing, i pray he survives so he could atleast get to know Brittney if she survive, all my family are between life and death but i have to be strong for them, since am the only one standing on my feet sound and healthy i need to be strong for them but trust me it's not so easy, seeing the three important people in your life, my twin daughters and my first love Wilson, i don't know if i will be able to take this alone but with the help of Greg and Brown and their encouraging words i get inspired each day.
"doctor how is Wilson doing? i asked.
"the operation was successfully and the bullet was removed, thank goodness he's already out of danger and will be awake any time from now," the doctor said while i sighed, i thought i was also gonna lose him because when he was brought here he lose so much blood and look lifeless, anyway their's nothing impossible for God.
"yes aunt Russell, don't worry your two daughters will be fine, but we haven't heard about Courtney condition after the surgery, who was able to denote his heart to her? Greg said while my heart was already beating faster.
"we need to know that," Brown said while we went to next floor to check on her. That's how our life is now in the hopsital, moving from one room to another, i pray they all survived.
"the donor left a short note for Brittney," the doctor said while i was surprise, Brittney isn't unconcious yet but did the person also know about Brittney, i quickly collected the paper and unfold it which read:
****** I hope you forgive me dear Brittney, 
***have you forgotten how we used to be so closed and how you sometimes wish and your twin sister is still alive because you thought you lost her.
You once told me how eager you were to know who your twin sister is and you said you can't wait to be friends with her and share whatever you had.
I never forget those wishes, you once said if only your twin sister is still alive then you would have denote your heart to her, you said you'll make it up to her for everything but things don't always go the way we plan.
Cos Their's so much that can never be understood in this life, i don't know how i turn out to be a bad person just because of money, i don't know what drugs Lyra usually gave me to give you but i know they're bad drugs but i don't know they could be this dangerous.
Am such a horrible friend and i know you'll never forgive me but i want to be the reason for your happiness, that is giving out my heart to your sister who i hardly know, i prefer to die like this.
I want you to be happy with your twin sister, i also wish you survived the illness i caused you, i can't stand to see you again cos am ashamed of myself, i know your mom must be so disappointed in me.
AM SO SORRY Brittney for being a horrible friend, i know i deserve to die but let it be this way.
I don't want your mom to lose the two of you. 
I know by the time you're reading this am no more again but don't cry over me cos i don't deserve that.
Have a good life Courtney and i pray you survive Brittney so you could be one big family.
It breaks my heart to say this but i have to say: GOODBYE***
The paper was already drenched with my tears i can't believe Arina could do such a thing, i wipe away my tears then turn to the doctor i need to see my daughter and also Arina," i said.
"your daughter need to be alone and beside no one is allow to see her for now, as for Arina she's already at the mortuary," the doctor said while i cried the more.
"Arina thought doing this will set things right, she shouldn't have risk her life, we all are humans and we do make mistakes, i have already forgiven her for what she did to Brittney," i said to myself in tears.
The nurses quickly rushed towards us and told us about the shocking news that Brittney is unconscious, i felt so happy but not a complete happiness, i just hope she's not awake to say her own good bye. The doctor said only two people can see her at a time, i and Greg went in first, i can't believe Brittney has lose so much weight, i hardly recognise her, i couldn't help but to cry.
"Brittney! i said holding her hands gently, her short hair was very scars and falling, she looks so different.
"who are you? she asked while i looked at Greg surprise by her question.
"she's your mother and am Greg, don't you remember us? he asked.
"okay, are you my mother? she asked in a low tone or rather a whisper.
"yes," i said holding her hands, Brittney has lose her memory or what, she can't remember us again!
"Brittney thank goodness you're still alive, Courtney has already been operated, she has a new heart now and will soon be awake hale and hearty, she's strong now and you also need to be strong," i said to her while she kept quiet, as if not interested in what am saying.
"who is she? she asked staring at nothing in particular. 
"she'll gonna be fine, have you forgot who Brittney is! the strong talkative girl i know," Greg said holding my hands, i know he was so much hurt, it really hurt to see the one you love in this miserable pains of life. We went to the doctor office and he told us Brittney need to be operated again, and this has to do with her brain.
"she'll be will transfer to a hospital at mumbai in india," he said while my eyes widen. What about Wilson and Courtney!
I couldn't eat well not in this condition, Greg has decided to go with Brittney to india while i watch over Courtney and Wilson with Brown but am not yet comfortable with it, i need to be with Brittney in as much i need to watch over my lost daughter Courtney and lost husband. The three of them need me more than ever, i need to think straight, but am just too confused.
Loren's POV
Anita just told me about what has been going on at the hospital, my father is still alive, i haven't heard from my mother nor that stupid man that called himself my father, i really need to know how my mother is doing but it seems Anita is hiding something away from me.
Anita helped me with the connections and she was able to talked to Amos Marcos about my plan, i just want their plane to crash on their way to india.
Anita's POV
Everything is just ruined but i won't be the loser, i can't believe Loren is in jail already i miss her alot and will help her have her revenge. I don't want to be in a competition just to have Greg, if am not having him back then no one else will. save journey to hell Greg and Brittney, i can't wait to hear about the plane crash, atleast you won't be alive this time. It's all your fault for taking Greg away from me and also making me look as the bad guy infront of my parents even Brown is still angry with me. Greg you have to pay the consequence of breaking my heart, no one does that and go scot free...