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Sunday, September 29, 2019

My Heart Epilogue


Dad was also worried about Loren, cos it really hurts to see the child you grew up with all your life as a daughter turn out to hurt this badly, even thou Loren did so many bad things maybe she still need a second chance. They next day we had a call from the officer and that was the shocking news we heard was Loren poison herself that night we left, i couldn't help but to cry, dad was so hurt but what can we all do about that, if only she was responsible dad would have still accept her even when he knew she wasn't his biological daughter, not everyone is opportune to have a second chance in his life. As for Anita, Brown really wanted her out of the jail but it was impossible, he's parents were also sad but she just have to complete this six years, their's nothing we all can do. I guess she have learnt her lesson the hard time.
I still couldn't believe i have found my family back but we all are still waiting for Brittney, i, dad, grandma and Brown were ready to travell to india to check on mom and Brittney over their but that same day we received a call from mom that Brittney was out of coma i couldn't expess how i felt, dad was so happy and we all couldn't wait to see them back home to us, at last things are finally falling into place.
Russell's POV
Brittney is out of coma, that the great news indeed and i was so happy, so happy that my family is complete, she's not only out of coma but back to her sense, she's just too weak and the doctor assured us with time she will be okay, walking was so difficult for her at the first place and we get her a wheel chair, i could see how happy Greg was. We stayed for some weeks before she was later discharged i can't believe am going home with Brittney who's now doing fine, this just like a miracle, during those hard times nothing bad happen to us and non of my family died. The day we arrived to Ontario, Wilson, Courtney, Brown all welcome us at the airport and we arrived home, to Wilson big mansion, it being ages since i left this house, a lot has changed, i really miss my matrimonial home, i said as tears well up in my eyes, i looked at Courtney then hugged her in tears.
"i know am the worse mother ever, to dump you at the oprhange am so sorry Courtney, am sorry for everything i have cause you, am so sorry for dumping you my child, it wasn't my fault," i said in tears.
"you don't know how happy i am to find you mother, am not mad at you because i know you passed through a lot just to helped me, it wasn't easy for a single mother to fed herslef and also two daughters which one if them is suffering from a heart failure, you're the best mother mom, cause when we were all down you stood up for us, i don't know if i will be able to be as strong as you are, to see my whole family in the hospital between life and death and still fought for them, you're indeed strong," Courtney said while i smiled a bit then hugged her again, my lost child i thought fate will never brought us back to each other arms.
"thank you for being their for us Russell, you're indeed strong, even more stronger than me," Wilson said while i smiled a bit.
"i thought of giving up too when i saw you all in those terrible condition but with those two guys who stood by me i was able to stand firm cos believe me if i was alone i would have also given up, Greg and Brown were the people that helped me in all this," i said while Courtney looked at Borwn then Greg and smile.
"why is everyone so emotional now, no one care to even to come closer to me," Brittney said while Wilson chuckle then squat in front of her since she was seating on a wheel chair.
"am sorry for everything Brittney, for our fight, for taking my own daughter to jail without my knowledge," he said while Brittney frown and try to push her wheel chair herself. Brittney hasn't change, is she still mad at Wilson.
"look Brittney your dad is such a sweet person, now i understood everything it wasn't his fault, it was all Tracy plans, please let end all this here no more grudges," i said while Brittney looked at me.
"really! okay am not mad at you just that i feel so jealous of Courtney for not having a father all through my life," she pout..
"and i also feel so jealous of you Brittney for not having a mother's love all this while," Courtney said while we all chuckle, she quickly rushed to Brittney then hugged her.
"am also sorry for everything my grand daughters," Wilson's mother said then joined them in the hug.
"i miss you so much twin sister," she said while Brittney smile, i couldn't help but to cry i can't believe our family is back to again, finally, finally. I walked down to the hallway then stood at the balcony, i really don't know where to start from, i felt a arms on my shoulder and i turn to see Wilson.
"am sorry for not being the good husband Russell, sorry for letting you go through hell just because of my mom and Tracy," he said while i looked at him, it really being a long time without you my love, i said to myself.
"i undersand," i whisper to him then hug him so deeply, this time i hope we are not gonna let go of each other again, i hug him so tight as we both cried in each others arms.
Brittney's POV
I guess this the happy day of my life, i couldn't believe i could forget dad so easily, but i did afterall he's still my father and i love him so much i really miss him all these years. I couldn't help but to cry when mom told me about Arina. Yes she almost killed me, she made me pass through hell but when i heard she was the one that help Courtney i don't know if i should be still angry with her or not. Am so happy everything worked out for good.
**Five months Later**
Brittney has fully recuperate and could walk on her feet again, it was a happy family. Courtney, Brittney and their parents went out for a family picnic, which was so fun.
"look dad let start it this way, we need to know each other so you're my partner while Courtney will be mom's partner," Brittney said while they all smile.
Brittney and Wilson took a stroll down to the garden while Russell and Courtney went to the pool side.
"so tell me mother did you miss me all this years? Courtney asked while Russell smiled.
"miss! i miss you more than anything, i was so angry with myself and i know i won't be able to forgive myself if i haven't found you, i love you so much Courtney, i love you both with Brittney," Russell said while Courtney smiled.
They gisted while Russell told her the story of her life and how she meet their father and how they were seperated, she also told her about her brother Lucas and how he died.
"you know when you were kids Lucas so much love the both of you and he never liked the idea of me taking you to the orphanage but i have no choice then because i was so earger and desperate to see you healthy, you've always been a sad girl and that breaks my heart, i wanted to see you and Brittney happy all day," Russell said while Courtney hug her.
"you're still the best mom ever, thank you so much mother," she said smiling with teary eyes.
** Brittney on the other hand with Wilson took a stroll around the garden, the atmosphere was calm.
"Brittney i really want to get alone with you, am sorry for all that happen between us in the past, if only you and Russell showed up on time i would have been glad to have you as my family but you kept hiding away from me even thou we seems close," Wilson said.
"yes dad, you don't know how much i hate you at that time, mom have suffered a lot and each time i see her in tears my hatred for you increase, i thought you were the mastermind behind her suffering, i hated you and your family, but thank goodness we've understood each other before it too late and am glad having you as my dad," Brittney said which make Wilson to smile.
"thank you Brittney, i promise to be a good father to you and also a good husband to your mom," he said making Brittney smile, they had a father and daughter talk which make them both happy. 
After some hours Courtney and Russell walked down to the garden and meet Wilson with Brittney.
"hey aren't you guys done talking yet? Russell asked while Brittney smiled then stood up.
"i want to feel the love of a father i have missed for years mom, i can't believe this shattered family is complete again," Brittney said making them all chuckle.
They had dinner together while Brittney suggest they had a sister talk while their parent should have a husband and wife talk.
"that will be better mom," Brittney suggested smiling as she drag Courtney alone with her and they left.
Russell's POV
They two girls left and i was happy seeing them, this the best vacation of my life ever, it so sweet having your complete family back.
'Rose, seems you're happy," Wilson said while i smiled.
"am more than happy Wilson, this my happiest moment ever,"i said while Wilson smiled then sat down close to me then held my hands.
"you still look so beautiful even after those years, do you know how much i missed you Rose.. thank you for being a strong woman for this family, Russell i want us back together again, as family because i still love you.." he said while i looked at him.
Brittney's POV
"So Courtney did you actually love Brown? i asked her while she smiled.
"of course i do," she said while i frown.
"hey i thought you'll gonna be happy for me," she said.
"yes but i also love Brown, he was my first crush and i still love him," i said fuming in anger.
"huh.. but..what about Greg.. ? she asked looking so worried.
"he's just a friend," i said.
"hey i was only joking, just look at your face, you were so worried am sure you want to avoid what happen between you and Loren because of Brown. But to the tell you the truth i once thought of having Brown to myself but it never worked out maybe that our fate and am so happy to have Greg, i love him so so and so much," i said while Courtney heaved a sighed of relief then smile. It was so much fun, Courtney told me about her early life at the orphanage and how she get to meet Brown, she also told me about her stay in Wilson house and how he loved her from the very first day he picked her from the street. I also told her about my stay with mom and how we managed life and wanted revenge. It was so much good to have a sister, a true friend not like Arina who will be easily decieved by money. At least i now have someone to share the words of my heart with and to call my sister.
"let check on mom and dad, i have a story to tell you all," i said while he walked to by the pool side. Guess what i saw: mom and dad kissing! isn't that sweet, after like twenty four years. Life have been unfair but all thanks to God.
I cleared my throat while mom looked at me.
"seems you're enjoying yourself," Courtney said while i notice mom was blushing.
"happy to see you like this dad," i said then moved closer and hugged them.
Isn't it amazing two sister got married same day, it was a happy renuion and everyone was happy, Courtney was finally married to Brown while Brittney to Greg. It was a happy home. Wilson and Russell were so happy to have seen their children married to the one the love.
.Everything thing that has a beginning surely has an end, their troubles are over and it was a new begining for them.
Hard times are like washing machines, the TWIST, KNOCK AND TURN us down but at the end we come out cleaner, brighter and like never before..