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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Atletico fans fall in love with Trippier after he drinks water from fan’s bottle

Trippier has kept on prevailing upon Atletico Madrid's supporters after he gave his shirt to a fan that had given him a container of water to drink during the draw against Celta Vigo. 
In spite of the protector having his back turned, the excited supporter yells to stand out enough to be noticed as he wields a jug. 

The fan at that point throws the water at an appreciative Trippier, who takes a generous drink from it, and afterward amuses the group by propelling the jug once again into the stands. 

What's more, individuals on Twitter were similarly enamored with the cooperation, with one uncovering that Trippier had returned to the fan after the full-time whistle to state thank you and give him his shirt. 

One fan tweeted: "Extraordinary singing for him and the club." 
Another stated: "I adore stuff this way. That standard person - human association with the fans and the fan being brisk enough to snatch a water bottle for him. That fan will recall that day!" 

A third included: (it's) only the most recent case of what an association he has with fans. (Trippier) is perhaps the best thing that has happened to Atleti this season. "(After the match they got his shirt btw)."

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