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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Ronaldo: Me and Messi shared the stage for 15 years with good relationship

Before the UEFA Player of the Year announced, Ronaldo talked about his relationship with Messi in the interview.
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'I was curious because we shared this stage for 15 years me and him,' Ronaldo said.
'I don't know if that has ever happened in football, the same two guys on the stage at the same time, so it's not easy.
'Of course we have a good relationship, we have not had dinner together yet but I hope in the future.''. Video below 👇

'Ofcourse I miss playing in Spain, we had that battle the last 15 years, which was good,' the Portuguese added.

'He pushed me and I pushed him as well, so it's good to be part of history of football. I am there and of course he is there as well.'