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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"You as Nigerian as I am South African," Ice Prince Comes To Cassper’s Defence After Blacklash

“You as Nigerian as I am South African,” Ice Prince Comes To Cassper’s Defence After Blacklash. Cassper has been trending the whole day today as a result of people posing opinions based on his yesterday statement. The rapper said he wishes to be Nigerian.

Nyovest’s South African fans found the thread of Cassper praising Nigeria and claiming lack of support in SA highly offensive. The comments evoked a huge debate which included other celebrities. One of the famous people to engage in the topic is Nigerian Hip hop artist Ice Prince. Ice Prince stated that South Africa receives love from all corners of Africa they just need to give back that love without any comparison.

 “Africans Love #SouthAfrica And will always hold the country up and high up forever !!!!! We just need Thesame Love back with no comparisons, Generalism or divisions in any form or shape and Everything will be Nice,” he wrote. He further added that Cassper possesses the Nigerian blood because Africa is one. “Cassper Nyovest You are as Nigerian as i am South African.”

He added. “Big Love Big homie! I love that last line. 1 Africa! 1 love!,” responded Cassper.