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Friday, July 26, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 9

Season 2
Episode 9

Russell's POV
I quickly scream and woke up sweating with tears flowing down my cheeks, it was a dream afterall, Brittney isn't truly death. Arina and Greg left a little while in search of her with the police. I quickly put on my slippers then hurried out, i notice the were only few people in the street, it was actually a dream, but it seems real does that mean am gonna lose Brittney, oh no that will never happen. I looked up and notice the sky was filled with so much dark clouds, i quickly went back to the house and picked up my jacket, i need to go insearch of my daughter, she's all i have, she's always remind me of Wilson, she's my life, she also remind me about Courtney, she's everything to me. The thunder roared which make me more scared the atmosphere was becoming dark, all i want is Brittney now.
"please miss have you seen a young girl, with short hair, grey eyes..
"no ma'am," the woman said without even waiting for me to finish the description. I hurried to the main road and keep asking just then i saw two little girls with their mother who was walking fast back to their home inorder not to be drench by the rain it just make me remember about Courtney and Brittney when they were little, it use to be a happy home even without Wilson but everything was ruined when i foolishly took Courtney to the orphanage and my only brother Lucas died. I wipe away my tears and hurried out, still searching for Brittney, soon it began to rain so heavily and this heavy rainfall poured on me, i find a place to seat praying for my Brittney. The thunder and lightening was so scary but i can't go home without Brittney, my life is a total mess, if Wilson would only come back to his senses and looked for me, he never cared to look for me instead he went ahead and married Tracy. I wipe away my tears and was shivering already muttering Brittney's name.
Wilson's POV
I was called to recieve some papers from the office and it rained so heavily, so i waited in my office until the rain finally stopped, the street was quiet and everywhere was getting cold, i was still drving when i notice a woman seated in veranda of a closed shop. I parked my car, then picked up my jacket and went close to the woman, i wonder why i feel so attached to her even without knowing her.
"hey Ma'am aren't you feeling cold? i asked but she kept quiet, i notice she was sniffing.
"you need to change your dress their all drench," i said but she kept quiet, i moved closer then touched her shoulders, she quickly stood up in anger.
"can you just let me be," she yelled. OMG Russell, i sighted her face cos of the was security light over their, she was also shocked to see me, i notice no one was their, then this might be a ghost, but i touched her.
"Wil..son," she said slowly, i was shocked and i couldn't find any words to say, i just froze right infront of her, she looks so sad, so unhappy, i could see the hatred in her eyes, she looks so unhealthy too.
"Russell are you for real...? i asked but she quickly walked away without saying anything to me, i ran to catch up with her but she was too fast.
"is this Russell, is this truly my Rose, what on earth is she doing here," i said to myself then get back to the caqr, my heart was beating so faster Russell was the only word i could say, or does she looks like my Russell. I couldn't concentrate, thank goodness i haven't got into an accident, i arrived home safely and meet Courtney playing paino downstairs.
"where's Loren? i asked.
"she's asleep," she replied
"dad it rained so heavily, hope nothing bad happen to you? she asked.
"yes, am fine," i said then hurried to my room i don't want to talk about what i saw with anyone yet, i have to investigate if that truly my Russell but how i can even do that.
I picked up Russell picture in my box and and stared at it for a while, she has a long dark hair just like Courtney but the one i meet today has wave length golden hair, Russell has a sexy curved lips, but the one i meet today has a dry lips, she looks so unkept. My heart is still beating fast, was that a ghost, or someone who look alike like my wife, but she called my name, she knows my name.
"but who don't know you, seems like everyone know the Brooks family, and even your name," my subconscious tells me. I had sleepless night throughout, dreaming about Russell who was crying over our missing daughters. When i woke up i still remembered the dream. Russell crying over our missing daughters, not even daughter but daughters, who are they? am i missing something in this life," i was damn confused and worried.
Greg's POV
What a waste of time the police couldn't find Brittney, i was damn mad at them.
"is it that difficult to search for one person, just one person. I will pay everything just to see Brittney back again, her mom is damn worried, don't allow the poor girl suffer,"i yelled at the policemen. I keep on wondering where Brittney is, i wonder if she was kidnapped, i will give everything they order for just to save her, i know Brittney mother will be so worried.
"i miss Brittney so much, i hope she's alive where ever she is," Arina said while i nodded. I make sure Brittney photos was all over the city of ontaria not only that but all around canada, it been annouced in news and social media and reported on the newspaper, i will do everything just to save her.
"i need to go and check on her mother, i know she must be waiting to hear from us," Arina said while i nodded.
Loren's POV
OMG that stupid girl Brittney is missing i hope she die for good, i so much hate the sight of her, i know it must be Anita handwork, that her way to have her revenge inorder to get Greg back to her, i picked up my phone then called her.
"Anita, Brittney is missing," i said while she kept quiet for while.
"what about her, and what has that got to do with me," she said sounding so pissed off.
"that the perfect idea, now you can have Greg to yourself, am still waiting for the right time to come so i could get rid of Courtney and have Brown to myself," i said with a smirk.
"what! i didn't know anything about her kidnapped. Greg said he doesn't love me anymore, yes am hurt but i didn't kidnapped her but whoever did so did the right thing," she said while i was surprised, i thought its Anita, but who could be the person?
"yeah i wish her death too," i said then smiled to myself.
Courtney's POV
I couldn't bear to see that Brittney is missing, that girl is so stubborn but who would have been this wicked to kidnapped her, i can't let that happen i wish i could help her, i said so sadly to myself.
Greg was standing at the balcony when he notice someone behind him he turn to see Arina looking at him seductively, she moved close to him and he was surprise by her reaction.
"hey what even give you the audacity to come into my house without my permission," he yelled at her.
"hey, am sorry, i was just thinking if.. if we.. could.." she said still stammering, he also can't believe Arina is also a bitch, "did she want me to have a taste of her, well am not interested not when Brittney is missing, i only want Brittney," he said to himself. 
"hey get out! i yelled at her and her phone rang she excuse herself then went out while i followed her secretly.
"Brittney! OMG please don't kill her am coming right away," she said then hung up. What a world, did Arina knows about Brittney whereabout all this while but kept quiet, she must be a wicked friend. I quickly called the police and we followed the taxi Arina took.
Brittney's POV
I was still vomitting more blood and those guys kept injecting more thing into my body, i was shivering and i felt like dying, soon a woman came in but i don't know her.
"weldone Brittney, you're still not dead even after the drugs and injection you've taken? you must be strong? she asked with a smirk.
"who are you? i asked feeling so weak to talk.
"oh my God Brittney, enough of this you don't have to kill her," Arina said as she hurriedly walked in.
"Arina how did you get in here, please save me," i said in tears but she glare.
"i was behind your illness Brittney, the medicine you've took all this while were fake and also the injection are slowly killing your system. Brittney i have always loved you as a sister but when i realised you had everything i became jealous, you still have a rich father while i don't remember, i only live with my uncle and aunt who never cared for me because my own parents died, and i still notice the closeness between you and Greg, i was heart broken when you told me what Greg told you about his feelings, i was damn angry Brittney, not only that this woman here Mrs. Lyra promise to make me rich if i helped her with her plans, she gave me huge amount of money to bribe the doctors with it so they could prescribe those dangerous drugs and injection for you, am glad they play alone because i paid them well. Even if i can't have Greg but i use this opportunity to be rich. Mrs. Lyra will gonna pay me billions for this mission," she said smiling, i couldn't say anything, she's my best friend, the only true friend i had, i trusted her so much, why will she even be jealous of me while i had nothing, i know Greg wasn't serious about what he told me and about my rich father, i hate him, what on earth will she ruin my life this way. My tommy was badly paining me and my head has swollen already, i heavn't eaten anything.
"thank you Arina, thanks," i muttered slowly, i don't want to talk too much because i might die anytime from now, i can't believe she was behind this.
"hey young lady, what even makes me angry the most is that your sister and Brown got my sister arrested, Kenita is still in jail and i vow you make you pay for it, when am done with you i will get back to Courtney and Brown, she's now serious, so serious about finding her family, well goodness Kenita is not as fool as them to tell them about my whereabout, she told dad am dead already, well i also lied to your mother, Courtney wasn't dead as i have told you, she's alive and she's Courtney Brooks adopted by her own real father, she's your twin sister," she said. I was shocked to hear that. Courtney has been my twin sister all this while, this woman must be wicked i said to myself in tears.
"i will do everything to get Kenita out of the prison but you have to pay for it, i don't want your mother to be reunited with your dad again, i've already sent my guys to kill Russell right away," she said while i was shocked to hear that.
"please ma, please Arina you can kill me, but spare my mother's life, she need to know Courtney is her daughter, please.. please ma'am," i pleaded in tears, i don't want my mother to die she's the only family i had, she's my all in all, she has suffered too much, she can't just die in pains, not now.. i cried with my eyes closed, to my surprise some policemen came in quickly get hold of Arina while Mrs. Lyra immediately point her gun to my head, i was surprise to see Greg, he quickly ran over to me but Mrs. Lyra stopped him, she immedaitely shut him so badly while the police shoot her on her left leg, she fall to the ground and they quickly held her, they untied me and i ran to Greg who was in a pool of his own blood, i held his hands so tight crying so bitterly, i now remember about my mother, her guys might kill her too, i can't afford to lose two people at the same time...
seems someone is gonna die