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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 8

Season 2
Episode 8

"are you letting me go just like that? Brown asked while i nodded slowly.
"i have no option," i said then hurried to my room to packed the rest of my cloth.
"you're not leaving Courtney," Loren said while i turn to look at her, i suddenly felt so angry with her.
"i know you showed dad the pictures, were you planing to separate me and dad, what your problem Loren, what your mission don't you ever want to see me happy," i said in tears while she moved closer and hug me to my surprise.
"i didn't show dad the pictures so he could chase you out but i was hurt Courtney, i was hurt because i still love Brown. But you know we can't force love, i think i better go for the person that love me dearly, someday i will find my own love, i will tell dad about it," she said while i was shocked to hear that from the Loren i know. Am no longer falling for her tricks, i don't believe her.
"it okay Loren, dad want you to be with Brown, i just hope things work out good for you," i said while she held my hands.
"not that, am willingly to let go of this, i want us to live in peace again," she said while i nodded, i burst out crying again then hug her, i wish everyone will agree to this, including her mother and grandma, i sighted dad standing at the door looking at us, i know he must be surprise to see us hugging each other instead of fighting.
"dad!, i called out while he moved closer to me.
"i will leave dad, thank you for everything," i said while he said nothing.
"it not what you think, i also want Loren to be happy," he said while Loren looked at him.
"dad, we don't force love, somewhere the must be someone to love me, i know Courtney and Brown are some how made for each other," she said while dad smile a bit.
"Courtney, you needed to go for your surgery, your heart is still weak and anything can happen. Please don't think too much and am sorry for what i did," he said while i smile a bit, atleast dad understood me now. I moved closer and hugged him so tight as i cried on his shoulder, i sighted Loren and saw the smile on her face.
Loren's POV

Enjoy my Brown just for now Courtney, immediately during this surgery you will sleep and never wake up. I walked to mom's room and found her with grandma eating.
"are you now friends with Courtney, you should have allow your dad to chase her away," mom scolded me.
"am smart enough mom, i have talked to Davis, Courtney won't survive the surgery," i said while grandma was surprise to hear that.
"what did you mean? she asked and i told them my main purpose of going to Germany.
"you're such a genius Loren, thank you so much for that," mom said smiling while i smiled back.
"Loren you're so smart, now no need to worried, we should act cool and build a happy family, we should try to be nice to Courtney for the main time before her death, with this no one can suspect us,' mom said while we burst out laughing.

Brittney couldn't stop thinking about Greg, she wanted him to tell her what actually on his mind but at the same time she also want to avoid him, it already getting dark and she went down the street to get some drinks for herself and mom, but something happen, she was captured by some unknown men.
Brown's POV
I arrived at Mrs. Kenita mansion with two police officer.
"ma'am you're under arrest for the murder of Mr. George Kevin years back, the file for the case has been reopen and we'll get on with the investigation, so where's your sister Lyra? the officer asked her, i notice the sudden change in her mood.
"and who told you that, that was all in the past," she yelled but was handcuff immediately.
"and who are you? she asked.
"am Brown Kenton, ask your sister and this is Courtney," i said while Courtney walked in and smirk at her.
"Courtney! she said so surprise.
"i have always knew you are still alive," she said stammering.
"all i want to know is about your sister, where the hell is she? Courtney asked.
Arina's POV
I tried calling Brittney number but wasn't going through so i went to check on her in Greg mansion.
"you mean Brittney is missing? he asked looking so shocked.
"yes, she's not at home neither here since yesterday night, her mother is damn worried, well i hope she come home early," i said staring at Greg.
"i hope she's fine anywhere she is, but... don't you think we need to search for her?
"maybe she's with some of her friends at the bar, or at work trying to earn money," i said.
"what! haven't i told Brittney to rest from all these side job, she's so stubborn. We need to report this to the police," he said then picked up his phone and report it to the police. Now it time to act fast Arina, now that Brittney is away, it time to have the man you've always wanted.. i smiled to myself.
Brittney's POV
I open my eyes and notice i was in an empty room, tied with rope, i felt pains all over body, i notice two men standing beside me with an injection and i wonder what they were planning to do.
"who are you? why am i here? i asked slowly, i was so weak.
"we are just following orders ma," the man said then untied me then pushed me to the floor, they inject me on my left hand and suddenly i felt so dizzy, my vision was blur already and i notice something dripping out from my mouth, it blood and something whitish which i don't know, i was badly sweating and my head was aching, one of the man carried me on his arms to somewhere i don't know.
Courtney's POV
It quite a happy family now, mom pleaded for my forgiveness and also grandma. Loren has approve of my relationship with Brown, even dad too is okay with that, but am scared i might not be able to survive after the surgery, dad mention something to me he said i needed a heart transplant and he's still looking for a donor, i don't know who will die for me at this time. I invite Brown over to have dinner with our family, it was such a happy renuion but some part of me wasn't happy at all. I notice the sweet smiles on mom, grandma and Loren faces, they look so happy i just hope they're for real. After dinner i and Brown walked out to the pool talking about Mrs. kenita she's still in the custody and yet to tell us about Mrs. Lyra, i hope everything work out for our own good.
"sure Courtney, i mean it when i say i will help you find justice for everything you want, Kenita will not go scot free for hurting you when you were kid, and even Lyra too, she must have known something about your family," he said while i nodded, suddenly i felt a pain in my heart and i quickly sat down on the bench close to us.
"do you need water, are you alright? Brown asked while i breathe out.
"something just happen Brown, am so scared it like a half part of me is gone," i said as a drop of tears fall from my eyes.
Russell's POV
I checked the time and it already eight pm, Brittney isn't home yet, Arina and Greg has went in search of her with the police, am so scared, i don't want to lose Brittney not now. I wipe away my tears then notice the scream i heard outside, i went and see lots of people gathered, some cried the more when they saw me and i wonder what that means.
"your daughter ma'am, she's death," one of the girl said and i was shocked to hear that, the security men over their chase the passer by while i hurried to see everything for myself i was shocked to see Brittney lying death with blood stains in her dress, seems she's brutally rape to death, i went on my kneels to touched her, she's truly death. Everything is ruined, Brittney is the only hope am living for.. i yelled and cried out my pains...
Brittney is raped to death.. too bad. but guess who was behind that..!
Remember Courtney need a heart transplant... that means before Courtney will survive someone have to die to donote a heart for her....??

Wilson will get to meet Russell during Brittney burial..