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Friday, July 19, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 7

Season 2
Episode 7


what the fuck! i quickly pulled off my sneakers, cos am no longer going to the club, i felt so weak and i guess my legs couldn't carry me again. My face was already moist and i felt like squeezing my phone, i hate Courtney, i have always knew she's up to something. I quickly video call Anita and told her i have seen the photos.
"are you crying? she asked while i picked up my handkerchief and dabbed my face.
"don't worry, my plan over here has been arranged, i will go back to Canada and wait for their return, what about you and Greg? i asked while i saw her mood suddenly changed.
"he called me severals time but i wasn't picking to any of his calls, it been two days now he longer called and am worried," she said.
"worried! but you broke up with him in the first place," i said while she frown.
"i was just stupid then, i was so angry, i really love Greg more than anything, i refuse to pick his calls so he can know how angry i am, but i will go to his house myself to check on him," she said while i nodded. I hung up then picked up my phone and order for pizza. I just need something to cool me down, if only Courtney is close to me, i would have strangle her to death, i never knew she's such a bitch, pretending to be daddy's girl, now it time dad will see for hiself.
Brown's POV
I was done calling Mr. Smith who told me every information about Kenita. He said she only came to paris for a vacation and will go back next week. Am sure she's Lyra sister just as Courtney said. I also hired some secret agent to know her whereabout back at canada. Mrs.Lyra must pay or everything, even Kenita herself will pay for hurting Courtney. I was hoping to see Courtney out but she isn't showing up and i wonder what was keeping her indoor.
"sir here are the files," Mira walked behind me then gave me some of the paperwork.
"what about Courtney? i asked her while she nodded, she seems to be acting strange, it as if she's guilty.
"i don't ..know," she stammered then turn to leave but i called her back.
"what wrong with you? i asked but she nodded and fake a smile.
"no..thing," she replied then left. 
Brittney's POV
I took my drugs accordingly but it actually giving me tough time, my system becomes weak each day, suffering from chronic headache and my hair are falling off gradually, now my full long hair are so scars, i told Arina to help me cut them and she did, i cut my hair so short although mom wasn't happy about that but i have to do that am damn tired of it falling each day.
I, mom amd Arina arrived at the hopsital and the doctor said am suffering from fever, i actually wonder what type of fever is this.
"doc, are you sure? mom questioned him.
"am hundred percent sure, the injection are strong and will strongly help her," the doctor advice. 
"but doc, i've been recieving lots of this injection, am not getting any better, i feel so weak each day, my head aches a lot and i sometimes feel like dying," i explain to him everything i feel. Each hospital Arina took me too, they will say the same thing, that it just fever and i will be fine. We return back and i sighed then sat down on the couch.
"are feeling any better Brittney? mom asked while i nodded i don't want her to get worried but the truth is that am dying slowly, i don't know what wrong with me, each time i took those drugs or injetions it increase my pain and make me more weak inside.
"yes hundred percent fine," i smiled while mom looked at me.
"but you look so pale, so unhappy," mom said while i sighed.
"forget it mother, these doctors aren't doing me any good, i will gonna ask for help from Greg, i just have to," i said.
Later in the evening i arrived to his mansion and i was allow to go in by his guards, i found him downstairs singing a song and playing guitar.
"Brittney! he alled out surprise.
"what! what happen to you? he asked surprise.
"oh my hair, i just feel like cutting it short," i fake a smile while he stared at me for a while.
"are you sure? he asked while i nodded.
"but, a lot of things has change in you, are you still sick? he asked.
"of course not," i said then snatch the guitar from his hands then played it.
"you know how to play it? he asked.
"sure," i replied while he smile back.
"sing, while i play it," he said while he clear his throat then sing, oh i so muh like his voice, he's a good singer.
"i love this," i smiled then jumped on my feet. It been a long time since i look this happy although Arina has always been their for me. Someone walked in and called Greg's name in anger, i turn to look at the girl to my surprise it Anita.
"Anita," Greg called then stood up, i quickly stopped playing the guitar, i gently kept it on a long table.
"Babe, am sorry," Anita said then rushed to Greg's arms, he looked at me while i smiled, signal him to accept her back.
"i love you Greg, am sorry," she said hugging him so tight.
"i love you too Anita.."he said which make me frown and i wonder why, hope am not jealous i guess i should leave.
"but not anymore, that was then," he concluded and i looked at him.
"Anita i thought is really over between us," he said while she quickly disengaged from the hug then looked at him.
"what..why.. have you moved on this soon? she asked while he nodded. I can't believe he has another girlfriend already.
"who is she? is she better than me? Anita asked in anger.
"everything happens for a reason and you leaving me was the best thing that ever happen to me, i learn to love truly and i have fallen into with someone already," he said while she slapped him.
"Greg! what the hell are you talking about? i thought you love me only," she yanked.
"of course i did, but it was all in the past, am now inlove with the lady standing right behind you," he said pointing towards me but i turn behind and saw no one.
"yes it Brittney i love her," he said to my surprise then move closer to then did the unthinkable, he kissed me!. I quickly pushed him away from me while Anita glare at me before leaving in anger.
"did you just use me to make her leave or you truly love just as you said? i asked while he smiled then moved closer to kiss me but i stopped him, "i need to go," i said then carried my hang bag and left, i arrived home and meet mom already asleep, i tried calling Arina to tell her what happen but her line wasn't reachable. I just couldn't stop thinking about the kiss i had with Greg, did he mean does words he said, or he only said that to chase Anita away. I sighed then sat on my bed. Do you think you can drag men with such rich people Brittney, you're just too poor, stay away from Greg and don't get involve or else you'll get hurt," my subconcious tell me.
Courtney's POV
We are done with business and will be going home tomorrow, Brown has told me that the woman was Kentia Elliot but she was just invited by some friends to that party that night and she's only here for one week vacation. Brown must have been so serious when he said he'll help me. Well he said he wanted to tell me something and we visited one of the beautiful and expensive restuarant here in Paris.
"thanks Brown for helping me out in this," i said while he only smiled.
"Courtney, am sorry for what happen the other time," he said while i just nodded, i know we were both carried away.
"Courtney, i couldn't help but to fall in love with you completely the day we first meet at KFH, I know you must be thinking about your dad or even Loren, but am are done with Loren for good," he said while i saw the hurt in his eyes, i know Brown truly meant what he said but it just impossible.
"Brown...everyone is against us, your sister, my sister too, mom, dad and even grandma, can't you see nobody think we're not fit for each other," i said with teary eyes, this what i don't want to pass through, to be in love with someone i can't be with, i felt his warm hands on mine.
"i love you Courtney and that's all that matters, i will know how to handle anyone who doesn't like us being together, let fight for our love, you need to speak up this time, you need to let everyone understand that you're also human and fall in love you," he said still holding my hands.
"i love you Brown but am scared a lot things might happen because of this, i can't just betrayed my sister and also dad," i said then stood up to leave but Brown pulled me back in his arms then hugged me tight.
"am not letting this happen Courtney, i'll do everything to make sure we are together, if you truly love me just as you said then fight for me, fight for our love, let fight for each other Courtney, we should prove to the whole world how much we love each other and if that doesn't work out we can enlope," he said while i engaged from the hug then looked at him.
"Brown," i called out in small voice but Brown stopped it with a kissed, as me kiss passionately.
"don't think of anyone now, but rather just think about the two of us," he said while i smile a bit. That evening we visited lots of places in Paris, it so fun to be here, and everything looks good, Brown was even thinking about us having our honeymoon here, his thinking is just too far, i love him so much and i feel danger attached to it. We arrived back to the hotel and we sat by the pool side talking about life stuff and also about our early life at the orphanage, we remind ourselves some funny things we did and we laughed at it, i sometimes wish my twin sister and mom were in the picture, i grew up without those special people in my life, i hope i won't die without seeing or knowing them, why is life this unfair to me, my ears were aready teary and Brown notice that, he pulled me closer to him and make me rest my head on his chest.
"look the full moon is out today, that means their's something good attached to our love," he said while i wipe away my tears then looked at him.
"what did you mean? i asked.
"when we were still kids, grandpa use to tell me and Anita back then at Australia that when a full moon appears something good might show forth and i believe it," he said while i smiled.
"so does that mean, dad will approve of our relationship, what about mom and grandma, even Loren what will she say," i said so worried but Brown place one of his fingers on my lips telling me to stop thinking about what other people will say.
"you know one day, the will comes a time when everyone will accept us, when we will build our own family and have our happily ever after," he said.
"and when that happens i will be the happiest woman to have you as my husband and the father to our kids," i said while he chuckle the kissed my forehead.
The next day our plane took off early and arrived to Ontario around 11AM, it so good to be home, i really miss mother and grandma even thou they cause nothing to me but pain, i still miss them most especially dad. Brown decided to drop me home himself, he insist on doing that and i just allow him do so. We arrived home and the guards help me packed my luggage in, Brown held my hand and we walked in, i meet dad at the sitting room with Loren who was crying beside him, i felt so happy seeing her but i wonder why she was crying and dad was looking sad.
"dad," i said with a small smile then moved closer to hug him but i was welcome with a slap, a hot slap on my cheeks which almost make me fall to the ground but i was held by Brown.
"Courtney, are you that cheap, and you Brown what the hell did you think you're doing with her! dad yelled at both of us then showed me a picture of me and Brown, OMG i feel so embrassed who could have done this, how did it reached here, i wish i could just disappear this minute.
"are you that cheap Courtney to go after your sister boyfriend, while you know Loren still love him, i have always trusted you Courtney but i have had enough of this, is either you leave my house or cut whatever stupid relationship you have with Brown," he said pointing at him, my eyes were already filled with tears, why won't they let me be with the one i love, i wipe away my tears and i felt Brown's hand on me.
"let go Courtney," Brown said who was angry, he held my hands and dragged me out. I have always been broken, broken me both in and out, everyone is right am such a weakling, i was never lucky in this life. I was born with a terrible heart failure which am yet to undergo an operation, i was dumped at the orphanage because of my condition by my own mother, i don't have a family of my own, the girl i grew up with as my own sister doesn't want me again, even dad of all people, he's my last hope but am more shattered now. The last person am looking up to is Brown and now i have no option than to let him go, i love him so much but i still have to let him go, why am i this unlucky, so unfortunate what a wasted destiny," i cried to myself, i quickly jerk Brown's hand off mine he stop then looked at me.
"i love you so much Brown and that the reason why i have decided to let you go, please stay away from me," i said in tears.
"aren't you fighting for this, Courtney don't be a weakling, don't give up on us this easily," he said softly.
"i can't Brown, we have to accept our fate," i said then burst out in tears, am leaving this house today but am not going with Brown either, i lose both my love and also the people i call my family, the house i could point and say this my home...what a life for me, my heart has always being hurt by the people i love so much, if only!... if only i have my own real family..
can Courtney be able to cope with this heart break..?
what did you think about it? remember it Courtney Vs Loren while Brittney Vs Anita.
Errors u 'll understand.