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Thursday, July 11, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 6

Season 2
Episode 6


what the hell are you doing here Mira, you didn't even knock the door," i scolded her while Courtney heavied a sighed of relief.
"uhmm.. sorry sir, i just want to tell you Mr. ken called and we have a meeting to attend by 4pm," she said while looked at her for a while again, she's looking so guilty.
"okay, just leave," i said while she left.
"i don't like her even one bit," Courtney said while i looked at her.
"who's the woman you saw yesterday Courtney, you can't keep this to yourself," i said while she nodded.
"i guess it mom kenita, it my foster mother the woman i told you about. I don't know if she's truly the one cos she don't live in paris," she said worried.
"look if she's the one their no way she can still recognise you after fourteen cos you've change alot," i said while she looked at me.
"am still doubting it Brown, but you need to help me find out, i still remember her full name Mrs. Kenita Elliot, if she's the one then she must know about aunt Lyra and aunt Lyra know much about my mom, she must know about her whereabout, i don't think they're dead," she said then sighed.
"am so confused, i know only her and Mrs. Lyra can tell me about my twin sister and mom whereabout, i wonder who my father is, amybe he's dead long time ago, maybe not. I also want my own family back i wish my mom and sister never died but i have this strong feeling they're still alive," she said while held her hands.
"Mrs. Lyra is so wicked, she was the same person that once told me you were dead and also lied to you about me, am sure she must have cooked up lies and doesn't want to tell you about your real parents, we gonna track them down Courtney, i promise to help you get to know your real parents," i said while she nodded, i pulled her closer to me then hug her.
"everything will gonna be over soon,' i whisper to her while then tuck her long hair behind her ear.
"i hope so," she said, i raised my head up and our eyes met, we stared at each other for a while, i don't know what Courtney thinks about me but the way she stared at me looks so different, its as if she feel something for me, i hope she did cos i have always loved her, am in love with her, her eyes, nose, lips, long hair, everything about her is so special, i guess that was the reason i broke up with Loren, it's all over between me and Loren. I looked down then stared at Courtney soft lips which i have always wanted to kiss, i moved my head closer to her and our nose touched, i could feel her breath all over mine, now her eyes were closed, i gently locked our lips together and i enjoyed every bit of the kiss, she's such a good kisser, the kiss became hotter and i gently laid her down on the bed with her eyes still closed, i kissed her passionately and reached out my hand to her waist, she was only putting on a short nightie and no bra. I placed my hand on her thigh and caressed it gently, i kissed her thigh down to her legs, i held her in my arms kissing her all over her body, her neck, lips, hair, cheeks, ear lob, i make sure i explore every part of her body including her soft breast, i circled my fingers around her nipples then squeeze it gently which make her moan softly. We were both carried in our own world of sensation, but first i needed her permission before i can continue, i notice her eyes were still closed and she seems to enjoy every bit of my touched.
"i love you courtney," i whisper to her ears while she smiled a bit but then opened her eyes to look at me.
Mira's POV
Gosh that courtney is so stupid, i need to do something to make courtney feel uncomfortable so she can tell Brown to leave, am not just comfortable seeing them together in the same room and he was seated close to her bed, anything can happen, i went in again but this time i was shocked by what i saw, they didn't even feel anyone entered the room, they were both lost in their stupid romance, i quickly picked up my phone then snap them pictures, i have no time to video it someone might see me, i make sure Courtney face is seen and also Brown face, now i can show this to Anita. I quickly left leaving the door slightly open.
Courtney's POV
"Did he just whisper something to me? i asked myself as i opened my eyes and our eyes met. OMG i suddenly felt so shy, i quickly sat up and covered myself with a duvet, although am not naked but i feel so stupid for allowing Brown to touch me that way, anyway i enjoyed every bit of his touches i wished it never ended.
"yes Courtney you need to believe me, i have always loved you and am willing to do everything just for you," he said while i felt like kissing him back but i can't.
"i need to be alone, please leave," i gently said. He moved closer to me then kissed my forehead before leaving, i notice the door was slightly open, i just hope no one saw us. I sighed as he left then packed my lose hair in a messy bun, i walked over to my dressing mirror then stared at myself in the mirror, i can't believe Brown was this romantic, but everything is just impossible Courtney, you can't be with him, dad will never agree to that," i said to myself trying to hold back more tears from my eyes. Yes i admit i love Brown but Loren has always loved him and dad doesn't want him for me, he said i can date anyone but not Brown. I stood up lazily and went to take my bath, i still can't stop thinking about the romance we had, Brown is just too sweet but am so shy i don't know if i can face him again.
Brittney's POV
I was awake in the afternoon and Greg insisted to take me to his doctor but i refused, i needed to go home, i know mom must be damn worried. Greg seems nice cos he ordered his driver to take me home himself, i arrived back home and met my mom sitting on the couch with her food beside her.
"mom," i called out then hugged her.
"i miss you so much mother, am so sorry for getting you so worried," i said then hugged her.
"where have you been? mom asked while i scratch my messy hair.
"uhmm.. i got a job mother, and i have to spent all night doing that inorder to get money for your drugs," i said while she looked at me suspiciously.
"but why? you're still sick, i don't want you to stress yourself this way," she said while i smiled then brought out the dollars given to me by Greg, he gave me that to see the doctor since i refused to wait for his personal doctor arrival.
"thank you Britt," mom said while i smiled then opened the flask, its a pea soup and am sure it's prepared by Arina. I really love Arina, thanks goodness she took good care of my mother.
"Brittney! i heard someone called my name from behind, i quickly turn then saw Arina who just walked in looking so tired.
"i have search the whole world for you," she said while i hugged her.
"am sorry," i apologise while she hug me back.
"i got you some of your drugs," she said then hand me over to them. Yes i guess this were the drugs the doctor prescribed to me last week, he said its only fever that was actually disturbing me and he placed me on some drugs and injection, but i still wonder why i have to cough out blood atimes. Well thanks goodness Arina was able to get those drugs for me. I picked a glass of cup, filled it with water then gulped it down. After taking the drugs i began to feel my body temperature high, my eyes were red and i quickly rushed out to coughed out blood again, i thought i'll stop, Greg was right when he said i needed to see a doctor, but i don't think this fever just as the doctor said when i went to hospital with Arina last week.
"Brittney, you just need to sleep," she said while i went to my room and lie on my small bed, it now makes me remember about Greg's bed, it's so large, soft and comfortable.
Anita's POV
What the fuck! Brown and Courtney in bed! i yelled to myself as i looked at the pictures Mira just send me. i guess she's scared of being fired that's why she was serious with the job i gave her. But why will Courtney do that i thought she's innocent. The pictures were about six, Courtney face was clearly seen and also Brown face, the other picture was Brown kissing Courtney! so disgusting. The other picture shows Brown kissing her legs while Courtney's eyes were closed, this must be a damn hot romance, did they have sex? and why didn't Mira video everything, i will sent this pictures to Loren immediately.
Loren's POV
Am still in Germany but wiill return back to canada tomorrow, am damn worried about what Anita told me that Courtney and Brown travelled to Paris for a business trip they just fake that, courtney will pay for this. Am actually staying in Davis house, same room, same bed having fun with him, am actually doing this for all my plan to be achieved but am not gonna let anyone have Brown only i will do so cos i love him so much, i took my bath and was dressed in a pair of blue crazy jeans and an off-shoulder white top, i packed my hair in a braid ready to go out clubbing with my friends, some of my college friends here in canada. Just then Anita called me, i know something must have happen again.
"babe," she said.
"Courtney has cross her limit, it's time to take her back from where she come from, it's time to throw her back to the street where she truly belongs without parents," Anita said and i wonder where all that is heading to.
"what did you mean? i asked.
"i will send you some photos now, and you need to show your dad, with this he'll chase Courtney out of your lives again," she said then hung up leaving me in suspense, i sat down waiting for her to send the photos, after some minutes she sent me the photos which was about six and i saw what shocked me the most...Courtney and Brown in bed..
what did you think will gonna happen..??