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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 5

Season 2
Episode 5


Mira's POV
This Courtney is such a drama queen, what did she just acted now!, she completely ruined everything. Brown carried her out. What even wrong with her. I quickly picked up my phone and went outside to call madam Anita to tell her about our deal. When she heard the four of us will be going on a trip she gave me some huge amount of money just to spy on Sir Brown and Courtney, i hate to see the two of then together, i 've always have crush on Brown himself.
"hello ma'am," i said into the phone when i called Anita.
"what happen? are the two having fun? she asked.
"no ma'am, am always keeping an eye on them and anything they did i will video it and show it to you when we are back," i said while i could her chuckle.
"just make sure you're smart in this, if not you'll gonna lose your job and everything,' she threaten, i know she never make an empty threat.
"am doing my best ma'am, and one good news, Brown just scolded Courtney, i will make sure i cause more misunderstanding between them," i said.
"that good Mira," she said then hung up. I sometimes wonder if she's gonna get married to her brother with the way she react, well it's a good thing, when i chase Courtney away i can have Sir Brown to myself, and not even Anita can stop that. I smiled to myself everything is going the way i planned it.
Brittney's POV
I bought some drugs the doctor prescribed for mom, he said she's having ulcer and it ture cos mom has been skipping her meals lately, it really hurt to see her sick this way, it makes me hate my dad so much.
"am going out ot get more money Arina, please take care of my mom," i said to Arina then headed outside to see if i can borrow some money. I walked along the road side, having a bad feeling about everything, i was lost in my thought and almost get hit by a car. OMG it's Mr. Wilson. My stupid father.
"hey, you again," he said while i just rolled my eyes and quickly walked fast, the sight of him make me sick, it makes me hate him the more. I so much hate this man. I checked the time and it already getting late, i went to the bar to get myself drunk forgetting about my sick mother, i didn't have any money to pay for the drinks. I was drunk and i stood up to leave but was caught up by the waiter who came to asked for his money, two guys walked up to us and paid it, all thanks to them, the waiter and left and i was about to go when they held me.
"where are you taking me to? i stammered, by vision was blur and i couldn't do anything about that.
Greg's POV
I was at the bar, having much drink, trying to forget about Anita, am already surrounded by lots of girls but i couldn't understand why i wasn't able to forget her this easily, it's been a week now, she has not been picking up my calls and this alone make me go crazy, i really miss Anita. I stood up to leave not minding the girls surrounding me, all those are cheap slut. I moved over to the door and saw a familiar girl held by two guys, i moved closer to them and notice it's Brittney.
"this girl is so cheap," i said to myself and was about to leave when i notice the look on the guys face.
"Brittney," i called her name but she wasn't answering and that dawn on me maybe she was drunk.
"what the fuck! let her be," i said while they did so, noticing my two guards behind me.
"take her to the car," i order my guards and they did so.
I arrived home and carried Brittney to my room and dropped her on my king-seize comfy bed, i pulled off her shoes then stared at her for while. If only she's awake i will be scolded by her again, she doesn't even fear me, or even who i am. I sighed then stood up and pull off my shirt, i went to take a shower then put on my pyjamas. I laid on the other side of my bed and watch Brittney sleep she was muttering something i can't even hear clearly which make me chuckle.
The next morning.
Russell's POV
I woke up feeling my head aching badly, i saw Arina by my side, i can't believe she slept over here just to take care of me, she's such a nice friend.
"has Brittney showed up? i asked while she rubbed her eyes then picked up her phone to call Brittney but it wasn't reachable.
"where could she have gone to, am so scared," i said so worried.
"Brittney is brave, am sure she's in a save place to take care of herself," Arina said as she get me some water and went to prepare breakfast.
Brittney's POV
My eyes were still close and i felt so comfortable on this large and soft bed, i placed my hand on something rocky and i wonder what's that, well am just enjoying my sleep, i slightly open my eyes and notice this isn't my room, this room is so beautiful, i now open my eyes fully and notice my hand place on Greg chest and he was sleeping peacefully beside to me.
"what the heck! how did i get here," i yelled, then stood up and picked up my shoes
"you're awake? Greg asked as he stood up rubbing his eyes.
"no, am still asleep, you asshole. You can't even save me when your goddamn girlfriend exposed me. You're just too bad, what if she comes here now" i yelled at him while he smiled which made me more angry.
"stop being an ingrate i saved you from those men yesterday night at the bar so be grateful," he said while i arched an eyebrow, now i vividly remember what happen. Oh no my mom!. I quickly rushed out while i heard Greg calling me but i didn't mind, trying to look for money yesterday to complete buying my mother's medicine i ended up in a bar and get drunk then i now ended me up in Greg's house, hope he didn't do anything stupid, i was such a fool. I quickly rushed out to the gate, i just hope mother and Arina are doing fine, just then i felt a strong pain stroke my head and i stood at that minute with moving.
"Brittney! Greg called then hurried over to me.
"what the hell is wrong with you? he asked but i kept quiet holding my head, soon i began to cough out blood and i could see Greg was shocked to see that, i was also afraid of myself.
"you need to rest, cos you had too much drink yesterday," he said then carried me in a bridal style to his bathroom, i wash and rinse my mouth and face while he offer me a napkin to dabbed my face, after am done with that he took me to his bedroom again, i guess am not just in my right senses again.
"you need to see a doctor, you're sick" he said while i kept quiet, i hate to hear that, am not sick i don't want to be a burden to mom or anyone else.
"just take me to my mom," i said slowly, my head was really aching, soon i could see him double and the room was revolving around us, i blink my eyes twice before i passed out.
Brown's POV
I feel so gulity for what happen yesterday night, i shouldn't have scold Courtney, i actually don't know what happen to her yesterday, i just hope she won't get mad at me. I checked my time it's already 7:10AM, i stood at the door then knock before entering, i saw her sitting on her bed, she seems to be lost in her own thoughts.
"Courtney! i called out then sat on a chair.
"Brown," she called then stared at me.
"am sorry for what happened yesterday, i didn't mean to ruin everything," she apologise while i held her hands softly.
"i should be the one to apologies, am really sorry. I know something must be wrong with you," i said while she sighed.
"i saw the woman yesterday and it made me remember about my past, am so scared she might come to hurt me again, but believe me Brown i have never tell anyone what she did, not even dad, only you know that and i hope you'll keep it as a secret. She might think i will expose her but i won't," she said rushing her words.
"who is she? i asked but suddenly the door went open and rc someone walked in, the look on Courtney face was something i can't even explain, she looked so scared and shocked..
who do u think is the person who just entered..?
and who can guess what is wrong with Brittney..?