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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 11

Season 2
Episode 11


Tracy's POV
I can't believe Jeff still came back, not after the huge sum of money i paid him, he's such a jerk, i should have killed him a long time ago, what type of person is he, what will Wilson's mother say, she has always been on my side and has always wanted me for her son, how will she feels to know that Loren is not even her grandchild, what about Loren she will hate me forever cos she never knew any of this, i need to get rid of jeff. I breathe through my mouth and quickly return back home, i need to act fast.
Wilson's POV
Loren! i yelled her name then walked to her room and dragged her out to the sitting room, i've already recorded my call with Davis, my mom was their, Tracy was also their, I guess Courtney is out with Brown, i've been calling her line but it's not going through. I played the call i recorded and i could see Loren sweating already even thou the AC is on.
"Davis has expose you Loren, it's a good thing he played along and now expose you, so your main reason of going to Germany wasn't for a wedding, you're such a devil," i yelled at her.
"take it easy on her," Tracy said but i turn to her.
"and you should also shut up, you're the same like your daughter, and look Loren from now henceforth you're not my daughter, i've disowned you because that highest level of wickedness," i yelled while mom and Tracy was shocked to hear that.
"dad... yes i know i haven't been a good daughter, i hate Courtney so much and all i have been doing is pretending cos i still love Brown, she took away everything from me, first she took away the love you once had for me as a father ever since we are kid, now she took away the person i so much love. Why dad you love her more than me right? am leaving your house and never to return but know that you've never been a good father to me, you're never a good father! she yelled while i moved closer and slapped her so hard.
"you should be happy i haven't sent you to jail," i said then stormed out to my room, i feel so guilty for everything, what Loren said echoes through my ears: YOU'RE NEVER A GOOD FATHER.... I closed my eyes tight as tears drop from my eyes, maybe she's right i have never been a good father to her but that doesn't mean she'll act so wicked to that poor girl, i thought they were sisters.
Loren's POV
what nonsense! dad is so stupid and i will deal with him myself, i wipe away my tears and stood up to go to my room but mom dragged me back.
"Davis is such a fool to have exposed you," mom said.
i will deal with him myself," i said then hurried to my room to get my things ready but mom and grandma stopped me.
"you're going nowhere Loren, Wilson is still your father, he's just angry believe me," Grandma said while i rolled my eyes. I quickly picked up my phone to call Davis but he's line wasn't going through, i have been trying his line but it's still the same thing, i think am going to Germany myself to teach him a lesson. Later in the evening i went out and sight Courtney arrived home, Brown was the one that dropped her, i wonder why they're so close now, well if am not gonna have Brown then no one will.
Wilson's POV
I can't believe i shed tears over this, Loren is just too stubborn, i didn't mean to say those hurtful words to her but i have to show her how angry i am. But i still find it difficult to believe Loren was this desperate, what if Davis never told me. I was still lost in my own thought when mom walked in putting on sad face.
"Wilson, Loren can't leave just because of some poor girl you once picked from the street," she said while i glare at her, she has always wanted Tracy for me and i also suspect her to be part of this evil.
"mom it's better if you just keep quiet about this," i ranted while she quickly stood up.
"whatever Wilson, we all make mistakes please forgive Loren remember she's the only child you have," she said then left, i heaved a sighed of relief, i just want to be alone, i know Loren is my only biological child but Courtney is as well a good daughter to me and i like her even more than Loren.
"Courtney! i said in a low tune as she walked in then sat down beside me.
"dad are you alright? she asked while i just nodded.
"i need to tell you something and you also need to be careful," i said then told her about Loren plan to kill her.
"i have always knew this dad, i think Loren shouldn't be the one to leave but me, they're all right cos i wasn't part of this family am just an outsider," she said in tears, i pulled her close for a hug.
"you're going nowhere," i whisper to her then kisssed her hair.
Loren's POV
I arrived Anita's house and told her what happen and how Davis spilled out the truth to my dad, she was also shocked to hear that.
"I think the best idea is to get rid of Courtney myself," i said while Anita nodded in agreement, i whisper something to her ears and she smiled, let see how this plan will gonna work out," i said then smirk.
"plan? is that so? Brown asked as he walked in, he looks so angry with me, did he heard everything or did dad tell Courtney and she tells him too," i thought.
"Loren i guess it's high time you pay for all the crime you committed," he said while my eyes widen, i stood up then turn to leave without saying anything.
"know that i can never love you Loren," he said while i felt much hatred for Courtney, i quickly left.
"and you Anita, you've been supporting her all this while? he asked while Anita nodded and felt so ashamed of herself.
"Anita you're her friend and you still plan more evil to harm Courtney! he yelled at her while Anita stood up.
"Loren is my friend and she loves you Brown, am only doing what right for the both of you, i need a good sister in law," she said while Brown raised his hand to slap her but was held immediately.
"you two are fighting again? their mother asked while Anita rolled her eyes.
"she's siding with Loren on how to kill Courtney, what type of sister is she to me, hurting the one i love dearly, what sort of life style is this,"Brown said so furious while their mother was already angry at Anita.
"you're such a disgrace," their mother ranted then went upstairs, Brown glare at her then left without saying anything to her.
-----Tracy was done with a phone call and she smirk. "now my plans will work out well, Jeff rest in hell, no one must know about that," she said with a smirk.
Wilson's POV
This the strange thing ever, i was still on my bed in the evening when i recieve a call from a private number.
"meet me at the parco coffee shop, you need to know about your real family, Russell is truly alive," he said then hung up, i was shocked about that, does that mean the woman i meet before was my Russell, what! what about my family.. I quickly dressed up ready to leave.
Tracy's POV
The way Wilson hurried out of the house, i know something must be wrong, i quickly entered one of my cars and ordered the driver to secretly follow Wilson, i just hope those guys killed Jeff already.
Wilson's POV
I arrived their immediately and the same private number called me again, i saw a huge man standing by a corner waving at me, i guess he must the one that knows about my family, i hurriedly to him and he take a good like at me, he was even smoking. He gave me a picture of Russell and i was surprise seeing that.
"she's your wife right? he asked while i nodded, he gave me another picture and it a picture of two little girls they look so pretty but i couldn't recognise any of them.
"how did you know them? i asked while i smirked.
"Your wife Russell wasn't death from the beginning and she later gave birth to twins, Brittney and Courtney, it was Tracy and your mom's plan to eliminate Russell and lie to you about her, while Tracy lied about the pregnancy, Loren sisn't your real child she's my child, cos it was an agreement we made with Tracy before she married you, she failed to fulfill her promise that's why am exposing her," he said while i was shocked to hear that.
"you mean the Courtney i picked from the street was my real daughter and also Brittney? i stammered.
"exactly.., Russell is presently in the hospital cos Brittney is badly sick, they're at the basic hospital churchill," he said while i sighed, suddenly some unknown men driving carelessly stood by and before i knew what was happening the shut a gun towards us, The man was able to dodge while i was shot thrice, the place was suddenly crowdy and everyone began to run away, it already getting dark. I fall down in the pool of my own blood cos i know am not gonna survive this, not after knowing about my real family, Brittney am sorry for all i have done to you, i wish to turn back sand of time to change some things, Russell i know you must have suffered a lot, but thanks for been a strong woman for our children, Courtney i guess it our fate to know each other this much, i have been with my real daughter without my knowning, now i know why i felt different whenever am with you, i wish you would know am your family and you're not an outsider instead Loren and her mother are the outsider. The pain was just too much, three bullet at a time, i blink my eyes twice in pains then my breathe stopped.
 Tracy's POV
I arrived their late cos our car has a little problemm, i can't believe my guys haven't killed Jeff cos i saw him with Wilson, but suddenly a car stopped and my guys try to shot Jeff but he escape while the three bullet penetrated through Wilson. I guess that better now, nothing to worry about, it already getting dark and people ran back to their various house, i moved closer to Wilson and notice he's death for good after knowing the truth, but i still can't believe Jeff went ahead and told him that, i quickly left the place leaving Wilson death body to rot their since no one care to carry him from their, serves him right. 
Loren's POV
I arrived home and kept thinking about what Brown told me, Courtney is such a bad egg, she started all these, i regret the day dad brought her to this house, i walked in and meet Courtney walking down the stairs i hurried up to her then dragged her hair.
"what the hell is this," Courtney slapped me and i was shocked to see that, i thought she's always a weakling.
"stay away from me you devil," she yelled but i pushed her and she lose hold of her self as she rolled and rolled and rolled down the stairs until she finalled stopped and was bleeding through her nose and mouth. serves her right! but i need to leave this house for good, grandma is in her room i hope she doesn't come out, i try calling my mom but she wasn't picking up my calls, i quickly opened the door and was shocked by who i saw Brown!
"where's Courtney? he yelled at me then walked in as if he own the whole house, he looked so shocked seeing her in that condition, i turn to run away but was caught by some policemen.
"you're going nowhere Loren," Brown said while i stood still.
Courtney was rushed to the hospital and it happens to be the same hospital which Brittney was.
"she need an urgent heart transplant in the next two hours or she dies," the doctor said while Brown eyes widen.
"she need a donor and it urgent," the doctor said.
"what Brown! Greg called out surprise.
"what about Courtney? he asked Brown while he told him what happen.
"she's Brittney sister, Mrs. Lyra confess that after much torment at the prison, and Russell is looking forward to see her" he said while Brown was shocked to hear that cos Kenita told him Lyra was death already.
"Courtney is here also? Russell asked as she moved closer to them.
Some group of nurses and doctor rushed out from Courtney's room to Brittney room after some minute one of the doctor came out.
"we're so sorry your daughter Brittney, she's having a slim chance of survival and might die any time from now, her body system has been badly damaged and her brain isn't functioning well," the doctor said then turn to Brown.
"the patient you just brought is suffering from a critical heart failure due to her health record which wasn't treated on time even thou the medicine she took were quiet helping, she needed an urgent transplant now," the doctor said while Russell was in tears.
" Courtney is still suffering from this! then am ready, you can take mine," Russell said to the doctor.
"no aunt Russell Brittney need you and also Courtney, please doctor do something," Greg said.
"doc you can take mine," Brown suggested while Russell nodded her head in disagreement.
"we can use Brittney heart since their no hope of her surviving, this the best option," the doctor said.
"but.. doc," Greg said. "then you should quickly decide to give a donor before you lost both daughter, it better to lose one than your two daughter, i still suggests we use Brittney heart," the doctor said.
Suddenly am ambulance arrived with a lifeless body and what surprises them was the lots of people and reporters over their and some with Wilson pictures.
"Sir Wilson? Brown asked then moved over to them.
"he was found death alone the silver coffee shop, he has lose so much blood," one of the reporter said. Russell eyes widen and she rushed to them and saw the person lying lifeless was Wilson. Now it her husband and two daughters.
Wilson is death already
guess who will be the donor.. to save Courtney
Remember death is already knocking on Brittney's door.
.someone have to die..