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Saturday, July 27, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 10

Season 2


I blink my eyes twice and i notice i was sweating already, it was all my imagination again, yes the police rushed in while Greg ran to my side but Mrs. Lyra stopped him pointing a gun at him while holding me so tight.
"just move back, she might shoot you," i said.
"drop your weapon," the police commanded her while she point the gun to my head.
"i will blow her head off is any of you come closer to me," she yelled while Greg move backward.
"we'll do as you said but don't hurt Brittney," he said.
"my mom Greg, please save my mom for me, tell her about my twin sister, she's still alive" i said while he looked confused, i once told him about my story and how my twin sister died of heart failure.
"is she still alive? he asked.
"yes," i said slowly but Mrs. Lyra dug her finger in my neck threatening me not to say anything. It hurts a lot.
"hey can't you see you're hurting her with your fingers," Greg yelled at her.
"i won't let anyone know about this secret,so she must die," she yelled, suddenly she fall to the ground, it a good thing one of the police quietly came behind her and pushed her down, Greg quickly picked up her gun with a handkerchief and hand it over to the police, he untie me from the chair then hug me tight.
"you need to save my mom, Lyra's men are on their way to kill her, please," i said in tears then collapsed.
Greg's POV
Brittney has suffered a lot, she has lost a lot of weigh, one could hardly recognise her but she still look beautiful even in her present condition, i was scared when she fall to the ground but i needed to help her mom as she said.
"take care of her officer," i said to them then moved closer to Arina who was handcuff.
"Brittney will never forgive you for this, you're such a devil," i yelled at her then turn to the woman and gave a heavy slapped which she almost fall to the ground, one of the policemen held me back.
"if anything should happen to her mom, i personally will make you pay," i yelled at her then hurried home, i asked my driver to drive me home fast, while the police has already taken Brittney to the hospital. I arrived to their house and meet Russell dressed to go out, i heaved a sighed of relief, thank goodness nothing bad happen to her. I just remembered what Brittney told me that her twin sister is alive, should i tell her?
"we need to leave here, i have found Brittney and she's in the hospital," i said while she broke down in tears.
"no time to shed those tears, you also need to know who were behind this," i said then went to the car while she quietly followed me behind.
We arrived at the station first and i must say Russell was surprise to see Lyra and Arina.
"Arina, what are you doing here, what about Brittney? she asked while Arina kept quiet.
"Lyra, it been a very long time, what going on here," she asked while i told her everything, everything i knew.
"Arina was behind her illness, all this while Brittney has been taking a fake drug and dangerous injection all this while and which has been weakening her body system, and this woman Lyra or whatever she calls her name also knows about your other daughter, Brittney told me that her twin sister isn't death but alive,"
"who is she? i asked.
"i don't know, Lyra stop her from saying so, she might have know everything," i said while i saw the anger in Russell's eyes.
"Lyra did you lie to me about my Courtney, you told me she's death right? Russell asked as she slapped her so hard.
"just leave this to us," the police said to Russell.
"then tell her to tell me the truth about my daughter, where's my daughter? she yelled.
"i don't know," Lyra yelled back at her.
"and you Arina, i don't believe this. I thought you're truly her friend, what type of monster are you," she yelled at her in tears but Arina wasn't saying anything only those stupid crocodile tears were falling from her eyes.
"i need to see Brittney, Lyra i will get back to you, you have to tell me about my daughter," she said in tears while we rushed to the hospital to check on Brittney, we meet the doctor to tell us about her condition.
"we are sorry Ma'am your daughter has slim chance of survival cos she's suffering from CANCER OF THE BRAIN," the doctor said while i was shocked to hear that.
"this might led to her lost of her memory, her system are so weak and dying slowly, to tell you the truth she's having only 5% chance of surviving, but we're still doing our best," the doctor said then walked to the other ward. Things are just getting complicated..
Courtney's POV
This the best day of my life, i and Brown went out to Corby park, the sight was very beautiful. A table was set with two chairs and different varieties of food and fruits on the beautiful table, the atmosphere was warm that evening, it was just weather for two i guess.
"you know i sometimes wonder when everything will be over," i said holding his hands.
"Kenita has refuse to tell us about her sister, maybe she's telling the truth that she's death," i said.
"she might be lying, we need to investigate this in a secret way," he said while i nodded.
"well i also brought some peanut and sandwich jelly for us, our favourite," he said while i rolled my eyes.
"i don't like that again," i said pouted then frown but deep inside me i really love it.
"but when we were kids that was they snack you like to eat before you stop crying," he tease while i hit his chest playfully.
"hey don't say that again, it more than ten years now a lot of things has changed about me," i said while he smiled.
"yes a lot of things has change but the Courtney i know will never stop loving peanut and sandwich jelly," he said while i smiled.
"you just got me, i really like that," i said then sat up and open the bowl of peanut infront of us while the other one a sandwich jelly.
"so sweet," i said as i have a bite of them while i smiled.
"you know what Courtney even in my next life i will still choose you as my one and only love, am so lucky yo have you." he said while i smile a bit, i don't think this will last long because of my condition but i silently pray to God to keep me alive so i can be able to see my real family someday that if they're still alive. We visited lots of places and went to the cinema to watch movies. 
 Wilson's POV
I was shocked to hear what Davis told me, how could Loren do that, how could she bribe someone to kill Courtney, does that mean she has been playing alone all this while. Loren has cross her limit. Infact i have cancel the surgery, to here in Ontario, it a good thing Davis said he played along with her just to expose her to me, not everyone could do this. Loren have to pay for this, am i even her father? i doubt that..
At the restuarant.
Tracy's POV
I quickly arrived to the restuarant secretly to meet with Jeff, i hate him so much, it been so many years since we were done with our deal and done with each other so i wonder what he came back to do again.
"be fast with what you want to say i want to leave before anyone suspect me," i said so worried i wonder what he have to tell me.
"i want my child back," he said while i froze and stared at him for a while, i was already sweating, i looked at him from head to toe but he wasn't smiling, he look so poor, he's not even as rich as Wilson.
"which child..? i stammered
"Loren," he said while i froze.
"she isn't your child, excuse me if Wilson hear you say this you should be sorry for this," i yelled at him.
"don't prove to be smart Tracy i know you too well, have you forgotten about our deal, i let you go away with my daughter, i allow you get married to Wilson so you can sent me money each month and so our daughter can have a brighter future, but you only send me the money for like six months and stopped, i haven't heard from you and that's when i knew you only bretrayed me and break our promise, now i won't let you enjoy again, i know the only the reason Wilson is keeping such whore like you it because he thought Loren is his daughter but now that i will tell him everything myself, he'll gonna chase you back to the street," he said while my heart beat more faster. Jeff is such a criminal, he's so smart atimes am just too scared
"please Jeff i will give you all the money you needed but please don't leak this secret even Loren doesn't know about this, she'll never forgive me, and his mother too, she has always been on my side i know she'll be so disappointed to know Loren isn't truly her real grand daughter," i pleaded
"no, i won't go back on my words," he yelled.
"but you not even rich, how to do plan to take care of Loren? i asked mockingly.
"am not planing to give you a good life but make you suffer for what you did to me Tracy, it time to so say everything to the whole world," he said while i felt like slapping him, i won't allow this to happen, Loren will never forgive me, Wilson will hate me the more and threw me out to the street while his mother will be disappointed, i have to get rid of Jeff anyhow," i thought to myself, no one must know this...
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