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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

AKA Drags Cassper For Wishing He Was A Nigerian

AKA Drags Cassper For Wishing He Was A Nigerian. It has turned into that time by and by where AKA and Cassper shade and drag each other. 

Cassper as of late announced that he wants to be Nigerian in view of the solidarity he asserts they have in music. The message wasn't generally welcomed by numerous individuals of his South African fans since it suggested that even after such a large number of #FillUps he wasn't bolstered. Indeed, even AKA found the post exceedingly uncool and discharged a series of posts hauling Cassper. 

"Won't lie. I want to be from Nigeria as well. the adoration they have for their very own specialists, the manner in which they commend their way of life. 90% nearby substance on radio and TV. The way their commend their very own music regardless of where they are on the planet. The solidarity inside their music – A fantasy," composed Mufasa. 

AKA stood up to his announcement, "You want to be what? Fuck outta here Bruh." He proceeded to pay compliment to South Africa considering it a supernatural occurrence. "Being a South African is a fuckin respect and benefit. Try not to let anybody ever reveal to you some other gibberish." 

Supa Mega further gave Mufasa a little prompt on how it isn't fitting to repudiate individuals you still wanna lead. "You can't repudiate your own kin and in the following breath need to lead them." 

When one fan reacted to Bhova by saying the he is angry in light of the fact that he lost the BET honor to Burna Boy back in June – he said that he has only love for Nigeria yet doesn't care for losing to them. 

"I wore a Nigerian flag all alone music video, Nigerians are our siblings and sisters. I cherish them, simply detest losing to them."