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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Auction Chapter 2

The Auction
Chapter 2
Enitan looked around her kitchen, satisfied that she had cleaned and wiped all the surfaces clean.
Her husband had called and said he would not be home for dinner, he had some people to meet at the club before his trip tomorrow.
She knew he was lying, he was most probably with that of a girl he was currently seeing.
This had been going on for the last two years, when she tried to talk to him about it. He had made her out to be a neurotic woman.
‘Calm down dear’, he would say in that false voice of his, take some Ovaltine and go and read your bible.
Argh that always riled her.
She was younger than him for goodness sake, he should be the one drinking hot chocolate and taking it easy.
She had done the usual stock in trade remedy for all ills in Nigeria. Praying, fasting, more praying and fasting. You name it she had done it, but he hadn't changed.
The way things looked he would never change, his balls had left the house ages ago.
She had even called upon the spirit of her ancestors to take charge of the situation.
To Deal with the, asking them to send somebody to treat her a lesson and let her feel pain 77 x 7 times of what she was feeling. The answer she got to that lament had been consistent dreams of her dying.
The only thing the fasting had done for her, was to accentuate her figure and her cheek bones. She was looking very hot, she had overhead a few of her son's friends say she was a MILF.
This had came with its own consequences, resulting in the mess she currently was in.
She looked at the email in her inbox for the third time.
Ever since she had joined the bank, she had fought off male attention from every corner.
Her peers and her sub-ordinates had been easier to deal with in a diplomatic fashion.
However the men above her had not seen it that way.
One man in particular had made life hell for her, groping and harassing her for years.
Until the fateful day two weeks ago, when she had slapped him when he tried to put a hand down her knickers.
The repercussions had been profound, judging by the contents of the email and the letter that would no doubt be on her desk on Monday.
It could be worse, she sighed.
A notification alerted to her to another email that had just arrived in her inbox.