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Sunday, June 23, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 4

Season 2
Episode 4


"don't be soo happy cos i can't do that," he said while my eyes were now wide open.
"what did you mean? i asked.
"am a cardiologist for crying out loud, am supposed to save lives and not to kill," he said then sat down.
"oh come on Davis, okay am not gonna ask you to kill her, i only want you to complicate her issues," i said while he stood up looking so pissed off.
"she needed a new heart, a heart transplant, who'll gonna do that to her? he asked while i was shocked to hear that. "a heart transplant? i asked him.
"yes, your dad has already sent me her files and health record. I have examine this, she was born with it. she's suffering from heart disease a Rheumatic fever, it gat to do with an inflammatory illness and sometimes follows streptococcol throat infection, it's an autoimmune disorder of the..
"oh enough of this your terms. Please you have to do something, were are we to even get a heart for that girl, i just hope my dad won't be foolish to say he'll sacrifice his heart to her,"
" Courtney can only be free of heart condition if only someone is gone to give her a heart, i can help you Loren but on one condition," he said while i looked at him.
"what did you mean? i asked.
"i will do what you said if only you be my..." he moved closer to me then whisper it to my ears, i was shocked by what he said.'
"but.. am not gonna stay for too long here in Germany, my dad will scold me, even mom and grandma will suspect something," i half yelled.
"then forget it," he said smiling to himself.
"really! is that the kind of cardiologist you are? i asked in anger.
"and is that the kind of sister you are? he answered my question with question which made me more angry.
"you know what Loren, i still miss your body and i still want you with me, this the right opportunity i will use to have you again, you look more beautiful than before and even more attractive, i just want you back again," he said with a smirk.
"oh Davis, don't tell me you don't have a girlfriend. Look i have moved on and am still trying hard to win Brown's love for me, i love him and him alone," i said.
"that good Loren, i have a meeting to attend in the next thirty minutes, i need to go," he said then turned to leave but i stopped him.
"okay as you wish Davis, as long as i get what i want," i said with a smirk. Now plan A has been solved, i need to do something to stop dad from bringing Courtney here himself, i need to think about this," i said to myself.
Courtney's POV
I was already at work at the KFH, I arrived to Brown's office and told him about the quotation we've sent to the client from china," i said while he smiled.
"am sure you know about the trip we going, to Paris," he said while i nodded. Yes i just remember we needed to go to paris for the entry of michaels jewelers, which we had sent the delivery to, but am just feeling too nervous, i wish Brown can choose anyone from the workers but i needed to go cos am the MBA in marketing over here and we need to go and discuss about the year designs with the micheal jewelers.
"you get your things ready, we are leaving tomorrow. It just a two weeks trip," he said while i nodded. Later after work i arrived back home and meet mom and grandma having dinner together, i guess dad isn't back from work yet.
"mom, grandma, good evening," i greeted but they just gave me a death glare. I ignore them then walked upstairs to my room but mom called me back.
"Courtney, can you do us a favor by leaving this house," mom said while i looked at her.
"i don't know what else you did to my son, that he can't even recognise his own daughter again, except you and you alone," grandma yelled making me startled.
"mom... i know dad is such a good man but believe me he loves Loren even more than me," i said while they burst out laughing.
"you're such a weakling just as Loren always called you Courtney. I don't want to see you close to my son again," grandma yelled at me, while the door open and dad walked in looking so tired as usual, am glad he just came at the right time to save me from those devils.
"mom, what the heck is this, why are you shouting at Courtney? dad asked sounding so pissed off.
"am just warning her to stay away from you. You hardly have time for your wife and your own daughter Loren," she yelled while dad looked at her.
"enough mother. First you never liked Russell when i married her and now Courtney, i sometimes doubt if you're truly my own mother," he yelled at her, he seems so angry and am already getting scared.
"what! she's your mother Wilson how dare you talk back at her just because of Courtney? mom asked looking at me with a hateful eyes.
"look, this my own house. Whoever doesn't like Courtney can packed out of this house to the street and i won't care to bother about that person," he yelled then hurried upstairs to his room, i sighed then looked grandma and mom.
"am sorry," that was the only thing i mutter before going to my room, i locked the door and threw myself helplessly on the bed. Am no longer comfortable staying in this house, but i have to because of dad. This house is filled with much enemies.
After thinking about lot of thing i slept off. The next morning i took my bath and was already dressed up, am gonna miss dad but it's a good thing i'll also be at peace and free from those pest for two weeks. I wore a pink pencil shirk and a white turtle neck top along with a versace short sleeve light blazer matching with my gucci ankle trap heels. I picked up my small pink box ready to leave when dad walked to my room.'
"good to go? he asked while i nodded, he moved closer and hug me.
"take care of yourself Courtney, mostly your heart," he said while i smiled.
"trust me dad i will, but what about Loren, isn't she coming? i asked while dad said nothing.
"i don't know yet, but am gonna call to hear from you. I will drop you at the airport,".
"no dad, won't you be late for work? i asked.
"forget that, i will do that myself," he said while we walked out and i entered his car.
"thank you dad," i said while he smiled and ignite the engine.
We arrived at the airport and Brown was already their, i guess he must be waiting for me.
"take care dad," i said as i packed my luggage and Brown came to help me, he was with two other staff from KFH, A male and a female.
"Brown, am sure you know much about Courtney, please take care of her," dad said while Brown smiled then looked at me before looking back to my dad.
"i will," he replied. I wave bye to dad before he walked back to the car.
"you look beautiful," Brown said while i found myself blushing at what he said, he's just too sweet at times.
"thanks," i replied and i turned around and saw one of the staff Mira looking at me with an angry look. I really don't like her even at work, she talk too much and interfere in someone's business.
"hi Mira," i said while she fake a smile i guess, i also greeted the male staff Simon, he's just too nice and i like him unlike Mira.
some few hours later, we landed at parco international airport Paris. I so much like the sight, it's so beautiful. I have never been to paris before, it looks so beautiful. I turn to my left and looked at Brown, our eyes meet and he wanted to say something when his phone rang.
"ok then, we've already arrived and we'll be their tonight," he said then hung up.
"who was that? Mira asked.
"it's from the michael's jewelers, we have a dinner to attend to tonight," he said while i rolled my eyes but Mira was foolishly smiling at him. I guess one thing, Mira must be in love with Brown, the way she react irritates me at times, i guess she haven't known about who loren is yet.
"won't they allow us to rest, am just too so tired," i said while Mira glare at me.
"you're too lazy Courtney, then you shouldn't have followed us if this is what you gonna do," Mira scolded while i kept quiet.
"enough Mira, am also tired but u there's no way we can decline their invitation," Brown said then turned to me.
"Courtney i understand, you can also rest if want to and we can go their with Mira and simon," he said.
"just forget about what i said earlier,' i said then tucked my hair behind my ears. We arrived at the hotel suite that has already been booked for us. My room is next to Mira's room and opposite to Brown's room, while Simon's room happen to be opposite Mira's room. I quickly freshened up and have a short nap, when i was awake i noticed the time was just 5:30pm while we have to attend the dinner night by 6pm, i just have thirty minutes left. I quickly took a shower and was dressed in a red vera couture evening dress, i put on my black prada peep toe heels and loose my hair, i combed it then packed it to one side of my shoulder. I walked out then noticed Brown's room was locked and also Mira's room. Could they have gone without me. I quickly rushed downstairs and walked outside then saw them already dressed to leave, i heaved a sigh of relief and walked up to them.
"are you guys trying to leave without me? i asked.
"are you sure you can go there? Brown asked while i nodded with a fake smile. My head is really aching, am not just feeling too well today. God i don't wanna get sick over here dad might be so worried, he might even come here if he knows about that.
"you look good Courtney," Simon complimented while i replied with a thank you smile.
We arrived at the pavillion which was decorated magnificent, everything looks beautiful, seems like am in another world and i also notice their designs were sparkling, but i guess ours is more unique offbeat design, a french design with a global outlook. I came alone with some of our paper work and thousands of our designs which they order some pieces of it.
"you look so beautiful Courtney," Brown said while i smiled, i caught him staring at me. I looked at Mira and notice the expression on her face she was angry but who cares!. Everyone was richly dressed and then i noticed someone, a lady who looked so familiar to me, i tried to recall where i have seen her but my brain wouldn't let that happen. My eyes was still on the woman until i bumped into Mira, she almost fall to the ground and the files she was holding flew into different direction.
"oh goodness, Courtney you are not only lazy but clumsy, just look all cynosure of eyes is on us, what will they say, that we are too clumsy and we doesn't know our work," she yelled at me making my head to ache seriously.
"am sorry.. so sorry," i said then squat to help her packed the files when Brown quickly moved closer to us, he look so angry and my heart skip a beat.
"what the hell is this Mira," he yelled at her, i know he must be so angry.
"it Courtney, she's just too lazy and clumsy, she caused this cos she first bumped into me, she wasn't looking at where she's going," Mira said defending herself.
"Courtney, i told you to stay back if you can't come and act smart here. We don't have to ruin our reputation here, can't you see the people around here, we ought to see smart and show them we are truly from KFH, Do you know how many people value KFH but only for you to show how careless you are in public, what's wrong with you Courtney. When have you become this type, i thought you're smart enough for all these," Brown kept on scolding me while Mira was smiling behind him, i notice the woman was coming closer to us holding a glass of wine, i really can't figure out who she is, but am sure i've seen her before, i quickly turn to leave but Brown grabbed me back by my wrist.
"you don't walked out of me this way Courtney, what the hell is even wrong with you! he yelled. I could hear some unknown voices sounding in my hear and a cry of a helpless girl, it sound like my voice when i was little, i wanted to leave this place before the woman approach us but Brown wouldn't let me.
"just stop it Brown," i yelled at him, i could see the pavillion turning around, my vision was blur already and the woman was standing beside Mira smiling when she saw me, i don't know what next happen but i found myself on the floor and my breathe was ceasing slowly...