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Sunday, June 23, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 3

Season 2
Episode 3

Brittney's POV
"Mom i missed you so much," i said then hugged my mom, am glad those people have realise me so soon which i don't know why.
"thank you Arina for taking care of my mom," i said while she smiled.
"oh it's nothing at all," Arina replied smiling. She had already made breakfast, she's such a nice person. We sat down the three of us and had our beakfast.
"so tell me Brittney, what about the guy? Arina asked.
"oh you mean Greg, he's fine, just that he's damn stupid girlfriend was the one that exposed me earlier, but goodness Loren actually let me go willingly, am sure she's planing something," i said while mom looked at me.
"i don't like this Brittney, i don't like to see you getting yourself into trouble most especially with that family," mom said while i sighed.
"whatever, just leave them to me mom. Only Brittney can handle them," i said with a smirk.
Greg's POV
"what the hell were you doing with that Brittney Greg, she's just too poor to even step a foot in your house," Anita scolded, she seems to be so mad, i know she's only doing this because Brittney hurt her friend Loren.
"forget it Anita, i hate people like you," i yelled at her while she stood up looking so shocked.
"you hate me, all because of that bitch," she yelled.
"not that way, i mean i hate your sudden attitude. I was only trying to help the poor girl," i said while she looked at me with teary eyes already.
"come one Anita, i love you, don't let that girl come in between us," i said holding her hands, but she pushed my hands away from hers.
"it over Greg," she yelled then stormed out of the room but i quickly follow her. I don't know why she's over reacting.
"Anita! i yelled her name then quickly rushed outside and stopped her from leaving.
"don't over react, beacause you might regret breaking up with me," i said to her while she looked at me.
"damn you Greg, i knew you never loved me, you only wanted my body. You never loved me," she yelled trying to free herself from my grip.
"don't think that way, i do love you Anita, please don't leave me, am not gonna bring that girl in again," i said to her but the next thing i felt was a hot slap on my face. Did Anita just slapped me.
"stop lying to me, you son of a bitch, i hate you Greg," she yelled then rushed out, i let her be then walked back to my room and threw whatever my hands laid on. Why is Anita over reacting, don't she know how much i lover her, can't she see i only love her and her alone.
Anita's POV
I rushed back home and settle in my room, i cried silently. Greg doesn't love me i knew this before. But did i just broke up with him, is he really hurt? i kept asking myself questions.
"Anita," i heard Brown voice, i raise my head and found him walking towards me.
"Anita, you're crying?, he asked then sat beside me.
"Brown, it better you let me be," i yelled at him.
"hey am only trying to help as a brother should do to his kid sister, who hurt you and believe me am gonna make that person pay? he asked in a serious voice.
"it's Greg," i said while he looked at me again.
"your boyfriend! what the heck did he did to you? he asked.
"nothing!, i was the one that broke up with him, because i felt he doesn't love me again," i said wiping away my tears.
"Anita, i guess it's better this way inorder to save yourself from future heart break, do you think he's cheating on you?
"yes, Greg is such a bastard and i will make Brittney pay, leave just leave me alone, i just want to be alone," i yelled then storm out of the room. Later around nine PM i took my bath then video called Loren.
where the hell are you? i asked while she smiled.
"am already in Germany, for a mission, what about you, you look so sad,' she said while i nodded and told her what happen.
"this unbelievable those girls are getting on my nerves, Courtney and Brittney are something else. They're actually boyfriend snatchers. But Anita you just fucked up, why will you have to break up with him? she asked while i kept quiet.
"you shouldn't have done that, maybe he's right he was only trying to help Brittney. You shouldn't let go of Greg just that way. You see am actually here to do everything i could just to have your brother," she said.
"what did you mean, he said he doesn't love you anymore," i said while she looked at me with a smirk.
"am already in Germany Anita, and no one knows about my plan. I will tell you that tomorrow and that's because i trust you. I will help you get rid of both Brittney and Courtney," she said while i smile back. then hung up. Now am scared Loren can do everything just to have Brown to herself, but Brown is not a kid, he's somethings to difficult to get, i don't think he will ever love her back. This will gonna be war," i said to myself then breathe out.
A lady is seen standing in her room holding something whitish in a leather and bag of money beside her.
"am so sorry friend, i have to do this because i also love him. You must'nt be the only one to have him. I also need money," the girl said with a smirk.
Courtney's POV
I was unable to sleep through out today, i kept thinking about my family, about my death mother and twin sister, i know they must be somewhere alive. I don't believe what Mrs.Lyra once told me, i have this great feeling that Mrs. Lyra lied to me. Why did i feel something different whenever i see that Brittney, but she's way to different from me. I stood up from my bed and headed out to check on dad, it's ten o'clock already and am sure dad isn't asleep yet, he's been soo busy with work stuff these days.
"dad," i called out while he smiled, he's still in his study room busy with some files, he must be really harding working.
"dad," i said then sat down opposite him.
"you need to rest," i said, i could see how tired he is.
"no dear, i still have to sign those papers. Loren isn't helping matters in the company, she's not even hardworking, i wonder if that how she'll gonna take over the Brooks company someday," he said.
"Loren, just need much time dad, remember she's a girl and has her own weak point. You should just be patience with her," i said.
'during those times, i work even more harder for my true family, for Russell and my unborn baby, we use to be a happy family but eveything was ruined when i travell for a short business trip, i regretted ever leaving Russell, she was kidnapped, tormented before the whole ware house got burnt, she died a painful death with my unborn baby. Ever since then i lost my happiness Courtney. You can ask my mother even when i got married to Tracy and we had Loren, i was still sad, a sad man all the rest of my life," he said with so much pain which made my eyes filled up with tears.
"sorry about that, who could have kidnapped her,"
"anyway, that was life i needed to keep on moving," he said holding much tears from his eyes, i stood up from my seat then walked over and hugged him.
"you'll find that happy family someday," i said wiping away my tears. I just wish God will grant this man a happy home. Cos ever since he picked me from the street, he has been like a father to me, my helper till date, i wish him nothing but happiness.
Loren's POV
I really missed German, it's been quite some time, i meet some of her college friends, hanging out with them to club, it's so much fun being here, i really love their meal just that it's so cold over here. Now back to business, am already in Davis almighty mansion to get on with the plan, he's more rich now i guess, i just want him to help me do something. Thank goodness he just arrived, he looked more handsome, i really missed him. He was once my ex German boyfriend when i was in college then.
"Loren," he said while i smiled.
"long time Davis," i said while he frown.
"not after what you did to me, you left me with a broken heart and now you came? he asked.
"i know you've moved on, so let's forget about the past, now my handsome cardiologist am sure my dad must have spoken to you about Courtney's surgery?
"sure he did," he replied.
"then complicate her issues during the surgery, leave her with a stone in the heart after the surgery, am sure she'll died after fews days and no one will suspect you," i said while he smirk.
"you never change bad bitch," he said while i smiled.
"i will give you all you wanted but leave her with a stone in her heart, a tiny stone which no any cardiologist can notice, you can also make her be in a coma for like a year or two. To end this, all i want is her death. By the time she comes to Germany i only want her corpse to be taken back to Canada..