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Sunday, June 16, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 2

Season 2
Episode 2


"who's she? the woman asked me while i realise what i just said, did i just spilt out something out of anger.
"no, it nothing," i said then shook my head, the woman looked closer at me.
"who are you? she asked.
"i will only tell you that if am out of this place," i said with a smirk while she looked at her husband.
"never, you must surely pay for what you did to my daughter," she said.
"who is she? who is your mother? Mr. Wilson asked.
"that's non of your business," i said in tears.
 Loren's POV
I was seated on the bed while Courtney feed me herself and Brown was seated next to me.
"Brown please don't leave me, tell me you're still my boyfriend, i have always wanted this relationship to lead us to somewhere reasonable." i pleaded then held his manly hands.
"Look Loren we are still friends and i also feel bad to see you treating Courtney badly," he said.
"thank you Courtney," i said with teary eyes as she was done spoon feeding me, i wonder if we still have someone with a good heart like her. Suddenly the door went open and mom walked in with frown.
"mom, i just saw your text, i want Brittney to be release," i said while mom looked at me, Courtney is also surprised.
"but why? she has to pay," mom half yelled.
"i know, it all my fault mother, please let her go," i said while i looked at Courtney and she let out a small smile. My mom gasped then walked out so pissed off.
"are you sure about this? Courtney asked while i nodded.
"am a changed person Courtney, all i want is Brown, i know i deserve more than this cos i caused this to myself. That innocent girl must not suffer. Am gonna tell dad to let her free," i said while Courtney nodded.
"keep on be a good person Loren," Brown said caressing my hair while i smiled. I just hope he loves me again, i really don't want to lose him.
"Loren i just want you to know we are sisters and you can count on me," Courtney said while i smiled. Well it's a good thing i will be discharged from the hospital today, later in the afternoon grandma and mom came and helped with the packing of some stuff and the doctor also prescribe some drugs for me. When we arrived home i smiled to myself as i looked around, am home back with more plans in my brain i smirk.
"i need to rest, thank you for being their for me at the hospital," i said to Courtney while she smiled. I walked upstairs to grandma room and meet mom their.
"the girl is released already, i have talk to Wilson about it," mom said while i smiled.
"but tell me Loren, do you have any idea in mind? grandma asked.
"i just want everyone to know that i was only mad at Courtney that's why i push her to the pool and not because i hate her, i want them to totally believe me again before i do something stupid. Most especially Courtney is becoming too close to Brown and i hate that, i hate her so much," i said sadly.
"am suspecting something about that Brittney of a girl, she talked about something at the station, about me killing her uncle Lucas and breaking her mother's heart. You know the story sound familiar to that of Russell," mom said while i laughed then looked at grandma. They once told me about the wicked gold digger who snatched dad away from mom. But thank goodness his mom was on my mom's side they get rid of her and am glad about it.
"stop that mom, we all know Russell is dead, she was burn to ashes," i said while while grandma looked at me.
"i guess Loren is right, it might be coincidence," grandma said while i nodded but mom was scratching her hair she seems so worried.
"look Tracy dear, Russell is dead, don't panic," Grandma assured her while she just nodded. I went back to my room and freshen up.
"Brittney or whosoever her name is must pay for causing me pain. I looked at myself at the mirror in front of me. They're scars are quite disappearing but i will still have my revenge on Brittney. I went to check on dad in his study room and he wasn't their, i guess he's in the room sleeping, i looked around the room then notice an envelope on his table, picked it up and removed the white paper then read through it. OMG this is serious. Dad can't be serious about this. I quickly dropped the envelope back to it normal position and hurried back to her room. I smiled to myself, i just got a perfect idea to slove this case. I have to travel to Germany tomorrow and i have to make sure mom, grandma nor dad know nothing about this. This should be the secret i will hold to myself.
....The next day i took my bath and booked a flight.
"Loren it's a good thing you and Courtney are still getting alone," dad said while i turn to him.
"thank you dad, i just want you to know am not a bad person and i have nothing aganist Courtney. We are sisters no big deal," i smiled while dad pulled me for a hug.
"dad am traveling to Germany for a friends wedding," i lied while dad looked me suspiciously.
"what! that too far," he said.
"i know dad. But you know that were i was done with college, i miss my best friend Lorita, i need to attend her wedding, or are you trying to stop me? i asked frowning.
"not at all," just becareful dear," he said while i smiled.
"are you traveling? i heard Courtney's voice from behind.
"yes Courtney to a friends wedding," i said while she smiled then hugged me.
"make sure you take care of yourself," she said while i smiled then patted her back.
"i won't stay too long," i smiled. I went to tell mom and grandma but am not telling them exactly my purpose for going their. I want to meet someone very important that will help me have my revenge in a right and silent way, in a way no one will suspect. I smiled to myself as i arrived to the airport.
"Courtney enjoy the little time you have with Brown, am still coming back for you. My main reason of going to Germany is because of you, i hope my plan worked out so well. I smirk then walked to the plane.
Courtney's POV
I was already dressed to go to work, i miss Loren i wonder why she seems so serious about travelling to Germany, well i don't think i will completely trust her just because she's acting nice to me, i still need to be careful with her, i don't want to fall for her tricks again, i arrived at the KFH and the first person i saw was Brown. Wow is look so breathtaking.
"good morning," he said while i replied with a smile.
"what about Loren, hope she's doing fine? he asked, i thought Loren must have told him about her.
"uhmm.. she travelled to Germany for a friends wedding," i said while he looked surprise.
"you need to be more careful with Loren. Who knows if she's still pretending," he said while i just nodded.
"i will Brown," i replied while he smiled.
In the dark hours of the night, a woman who seems to be in her late fourties was seen along the road side and a lady in her early twenties came to her.
"have this, make sure she use this," the woman said while the lady nodded.
"i have much money to give you, i just want you to do this for me, follow her everywhere," the woman said while the lady smiled weakly. She wasn't happy with that but she just have to do it.
"you have to kill whoever you can inorder to survive," the lady said then quickly left so she would not be caught..
what did you think is Loren's main purpose of going to Germany..?
And who is the unknown woman and the unknown lady..??