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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

My Heart Season 2 Episode 1

Season 2
Episode 1

Brittney's POV
Greg took me to my room, well guest room cos am not gonna stay for so long here, i will like too cos his house seems like paradise.
"is this my room? i asked him while he shook his head.
"this were you gonna spent a night," he said i just nodded.
"okay, but do you have a girlfriend, will she come tonight, who is she? i don't want anyone to know about this please," i said while he smiled.
"OMG, Anita! i sighted her photo kept on a table.
"Anita! but she's Loren's friend and she'll do everything to make sure i get caught just to help her friend," i said sadly.
"look why will you even do that to Loren, what's wrong with you at that time, are you insane to do that to Loren Brooks? He asked while i just rolled my eyes.
"am not gonna hide forever, i just want my mom to be spare out of this shit, i will personally meet Mr. Wilson.. i will m..
"and what if you got arrested, what about your mom? he cut me off.
"Arina will take care of her, am feeling so sleepy, good night," i said then walked to my room and locked the door. I looked around the whole room, it is so beautiful. This guy must be damn rich. I open the closet and notice some hot dresses, i don't know if this belong to his girlfriend or someone else, i took my bath and picked a simple night gown to wear. I really don't want mom to suffer because of me but i still have to do something. What am i even doing here, am not even safe here. Anita Kento is Greg's girlfriend she might be the one to expose me. uhmm i don't want to go to jail, i kept thinking until i fall asleep.
'breakfast is ready," one of the maid annouced. Wow i slept so well on the large soft bed, i open my eyes and notice this wasn't my room. Well i just remember what happen yesterday. I quickly stood up from the bed and went to brush my teeth, after that the maid took me to the dining room and i meet Greg already seated ready for breakfast.
"hey am not hungry," i said then sat down opposite to him.
"are you sure? he asked while i nodded.
"i need to leave,"
"so soon, look it's just eight," he said.
"Anita can still come, that stupid girlfriend of yours can come and expose me and also our plan, i don't want my mom to be involved in this" i said while he glare at me.
"don't talk about my girlfriend that way," he said in a warning tone.
"or else what? Anita is just like Loren they're so bad," i said while he glare at me.
"watch your tongue," he said.
"hey, i have the right to say whatever i want to. Don't be too blind cos you think you're famous and you also have the most beautiful mansion. I hate people like this," i half yelled while he quickly stood up and grabbed my neck, dipping his finger in my neck.
"hey.. that hurts," i manage to say.
"mind the way you talk or i throw you out of my house and expose you to the police, i hate ingrate and stubborn people like you," he yelled at me then pushed me to the ground making me fall on my butt. 
'OUCH! that hurts," i said then stood up, i guess this guy has some anger issues, why is he even defending his so called girlfriend. I suddenly felt so dizzy and began to cough, i now realize i was coughing out blood and i raise my head to look at him, he just stared blankly at me without even saying sorry.
"serves you right," he yelled then walked upstairs to his room, i quickly rushed to the bathroom and wash my face, i can't believe i just cough out blood, what the hell is wrong with me, i need to visit a doctor. I quickly went back to my room and called Arina to check on her and also my mom. Thank goodnss they're all fine but i need to go back to my mom. This guy has some anger issues, we can't stay in the same house with him cos i also get angry easily, we might end up hurting each other. I walked down to the sitting and notice a piano, i smiled to myself then went closer and sat down to play one of my favourite song:.
"i'm more than just a picture..
"i'm a daughter and a sister
"sometimes it's hard for me to show
"that i'm more than just a rumor 
"or a song on your computer
"there's more to me than people know
"somedays i'm broke
"somedays i'm rich
"somedays i'm nice
"somedays i can be a bitch....
"beautiful.." i heard a husky voice from behind i know it's Greg, i quickly stood up seeing him walking closer to me.
"i thought you're still mad at me? i asked folding my arms.
"yes i was, but not when i heard you singing, your voice can melt a broken heart, am no longer angry," he said smiling while i frown.
"okay..I replied coldly, he clear his throat and ready to talk when someone walked in. OMG it's Anita, i quickly turn my back and loosen my hair so she won't recognise me, she have never seen me, so i see no reason why she will even recoghnise me so soon, but she might have seen my pictures or she might have seen me at the pool side during that party.
"hey sweetheart," she said then walked and kissed Greg.
"who's she? she asked pointing at me i quickly hurried back to my room but she yelled at me.
"you bitch stop! she yelled while i stopped.
"hey babe," Greg said i think wanna stop her. She quickly walked up to me then turn my face to her.
"you! are you Brittney? she asked while i nodded.
"what the heck are you doing with her? Anita asked glaring at me then at Greg.
"i can't believe you have the gut to hurt my friend," she said then slapped me hard on the cheeks which made me feel dizzy at once, she knows me already.
"am calling Loren's mother to come right away and arrest you," she said then picked up her phone.
"you can't do that," Greg said while she looked at him.
"i don't understand Greg, how did you even get to keep this stupid girl in your house? remember this house is only meant for me and you," she said, i just felt like slapping her, she called Loren's mother right front of me, after all i wanted it this way, to end everything. I don't want to hide for too long. Soon Loren's mother walked in and with some cops behind her.
"arrest her," she said to the cops while i was handcuffed and taken to the station.
"how dare you hurt my daughter? the woman asked while i looked at her with so much hatred, she was still the same woman that took dad away from mom and made my mom suffer, i just feel like splitting the truth for what she did to my mom.
"you again! aren't you tired of pestering my family," Mr. Wilson said while i just rolled my eyes, i so much hate this man. I know mom hasn't known am arrested, i must not let her know this, i don't want her and dad to meet.
"i thought that was the only way to have my revenge. She accused me and didn't even care if i will rot in jail," i said while her mother looked at me with so much hatred.
"but you shouldn't have done that and beside i have already scold her for that," Mr. Wilson said while i just kept quiet.
"you will rot here in jail and pay for what you did to my daughter," the woman said then raise her hand to slapped me but Wilson held her back.
"am not gonna stay here for too long. You will pay for what you did to my mom, for the pain you've caused her and for killing my uncle Lucas, you will pay for for breaking her heart," i yelled at Wilson and his wife.
"your mom.. who is your mom? he asked...
what do you think is next?