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Friday, June 7, 2019

How We Killed Our Boss, Daughter With Motorcycle Cable - Security Guard Confess

KWAKYE Kwaku Richard, a multi year old Ghanaian, filled in as the driver of a multi year old industrialist, High Chief Ojomo Akintan in Akure, Ondo State for a long time. 

The perished was said to have been favored to drive the industrialist's significant other who dwells in Idanre region of the state

Sources said he wanted to come back to Ghana after the spouse of the industrialist kicked the bucket yet was influenced by High Chief Akintan, the Ojomo of Idanre. 

In an offer to remunerate him, one of the pads in the Estate in Akure was given to him as a present for his stewardship and frankness. 

Richard and his family moved into the level and for the wellbeing of the home, he chose to connect with the administration of another gatekeeper to make two. 

One of the security monitors, multi year old Idris Ayuba, as per discoveries, had worked in the bequest for more than three years and was asked by the perished to help utilize a confided in companion to expand security in the domain. 

He purportedly brought Abubakar Taisu, matured 23. 

Two months subsequent to drawing in the administrations of an extra gatekeeper, he and his multi year old alumni little girl, Cynthia Tope, were frightfully killed in a similar level given to them as a blessing. 

Their disintegrating bodies were later found 16 days after. 

This was made conceivable after the executioners were captured in their refuge. 

Solid sources said the suspects would have not been captured but rather for an envelope found in the level with the telephone number of the second gatekeeper in the penmanship of the perished. 

The telephone was followed and numerous suspects were addressed until the two prime suspects were in the end caught by investigators. 

Police source said Ayuba was secured in Kano State while Taisu was gotten in Sokoto State by police criminologists, who have been on their trail. 

Rudetrends accumulated that the killed little girl came around to ideal designs for her administration year with her dad when her life was stopped by the watchmen. 

Unfortunately enough, their bodies were tossed under the stair case in the level by the executioner security watches. 

After the grievous wrongdoing, the presumes stripped the house and fled the town with the possessions of the family. 

A family source said that Tope, an alumni, was expected for her National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, in July 2019 preceding her life was stopped. 

Rudetrends accumulated that neighbor to the expired, Ojo Adegbusuyi, who saw his nonattendance and that of the girl in the house for a considerable length of time announced their nonappearance at the police headquarters. 

An instance of missing dad, little girl and their two security watches at Ojomo Akintan Estate, Olu FOAM Ilesha/Owo road Akure, Ondo State were held up at the police headquarters. 

Adegbusuyi supposedly advised police analysts that all endeavors to follow their whereabouts had demonstrated unsuccessful for quite a long time. 

On receipt of the report, police criminologists from the Ondo State Command swung enthusiastically and "one Ayuba Idris Aged 20 years that happened to be one of their security watchmen was captured in Kano State on sixteenth May, 2019." 

Police sources additionally unveiled that the handset of the missing individual and his suits were recuperated from him, and upon cross examination, he admitted that he and the second security watchman named Taisu Abubakar knew where the two missing people could be found. 

"They, from that point, drove criminologists to a structure at Ojomo Akintan Estate, Olu froth, Ilesha/Owo road Akure, Ondo State where the decayed assortments of Kwakye Kwaku Richard and his girl, Kwakye Tope prior pronounced missing were found. 

"The decaying carcasses were later cleared and kept at the State Hospital Mortuary, Akure for examination." 

Rudetrends additionally discovered that on the 28th of May, this year, police analysts likewise found Taisu Abubakar in Sokoto State and one of the injured individual's smart phones some garments were recouped from him. 

Talking with Rudetrends, the state Police Commissioner, Undie Adie said that the suspects "upon cross examination, admitted to the homicide of the people in question. 

"The suspects had at first said that they killed their injured individual who was their boss since he would not pay their three months' compensation unpaid debts. 

"They, in any case, later abnegated their case by conceding that the expired did not owe them any compensation. 

"They said that they additionally chose to kill the little girl around the same time so as to cover their track since she saw them the day they killed her dad." 

Rudetrends assembled that Abubakar had served the perished for a long time while Taisu joined the expired five months back. 

In any case, in a meeting, the suspects admitted that they killed their manager and little girl affected by hard medications. 

Abubakar said he couldn't clarify what came over them to murder their manager of two years. 

The suspect stated: "We were simply upbeat that night and we took tramadol and indian hemp with hot beverages 

"We utilized bike link to choke the dad and little girl. We took tramadol and Indian hemp that night at about 8pm and we welcomed the little girl to come and see who was at the door. 

" When she descended we utilized bike link to choke her. She yelled and this pulled in her dad who came rushing to the scene. We at that point slipped on the dad who fell inside the canal. 

"The dad was yelling and tumbled down all the while calling for assistance and Ayuba additionally utilized his shirt to strangulate him. 

"After we ensured that they were both dead, we at that point shrouded their cadavers under the staircase in the domain." 

They said that they utilized the night to strip the whole level and fled with certain possessions of both perished the next day unnoticed by different neighnours in the home. 

On why they fled to various states subsequent to carrying out the wrongdoing, Abubakar said it was "to avoid security agents after they may have found the carcasses under the staircase in the level. 

"The dad was yelling and tumbled down simultaneously while calling for assistance and Ayuba additionally utilized his shirt to strangulate him and we moved their remaining parts under the staircase." 

The CP said the suspects admitted that "they additionally chose to kill the girl around the same time so as to cover their track since she saw them the day they killed her dad. The speculate will be charged to court." 

"We on our part will guarantee that crooks don't include any breathing space inside the State", the Police manager included.