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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Ahmad Salkida, Boko Haram Leader seen in new video

The pioneer of the Nigerian fear bunch Boko Haram has showed up in another video where he could be seen perusing the gathering's belief system and the Nigerian national vow, which he decried as evade. 

Avoid in Islam means connecting a band together with God and is esteemed one of the best sins in the religion. 

Abubakar Shekau reeled out the 35-minute discourse wearing a streaming white outfit and gripping an AK 47 rifle. 

Strife columnist Ahmad Salkida, who previously distributed the news about Shekau's most recent video, said he may "have weakened visual perception as he attempted to peruse his gathering's belief system in Arabic." 

The last known video of the Boko Haram pioneer was a 36-minute clasp discharged in July 2018. 

Shekau solely drove Boko Haram until mid-2016 when the faction split into two. An AFP report said the split happened on the grounds that Shekau rejected aimless focusing of regular citizens. 

The fragment gathering promised faithfulness to the Islamic State and later turned into the Islamic State in West African Province.