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Thursday, June 6, 2019

African Cup Of Nations Group Stage Fixtures

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations will occur this June, with the capability arranges now complete. 

Every one of the 24 groups have been affirmed for this current summer's competition, however title holders Cameroon had their facilitating obligations stripped after CAF expressed that they were not happy with the nation's arrangements and the uprising of Boko-Haram. 

Here are the installations for the 32nd version of the Africa Nations Cup. 

There are three rounds to qualify out of the gathering stage to the thump out stages. 

Opening Match 

Gathering A Fixtures 

21/06/19 9:00 PM Egypt versus Zimbabwe - Group A (Cairo International Stadium) 

22/06/19 3:30PM Congo DR versus Uganda - Group A (Cairo International Stadium) 

26/06/19 6:00PM Uganda versus Zimbabwe-Group A (Cairo International Stadium) 

26/06/19 9:00PM Egypt versus Congo DR-Group A (Cairo International Stadium) 

Gathering B Fixtures 

22/06/19 6:00PM Nigeria versus Burundi - (Alexandria Stadium) 

22/06/19 9:00PM Guinea versus Madagascar - (Alexandria Stadium) 

26/06/19 3:30PM Nigeria versus Guinea-Group B (Alexandria Stadium) 

27/06/19 3:30PM Madagascar versus Burundi – Group B (Alexandria Stadium) 

30/06/19 5:00PM PM Burundi versus Guinea - Group B (Al-Salam Stadium) 

30/06/19 5:00PM PM Madagascar versus Nigeria - Group B (Alexandria Stadium) 

Gathering C Fixtures 

23/06/19 6:00PM Senegal versus Tanzania-Group C (30 June Stadium) 

23/06/19 9:00PM Algeria versus Kenya-Group C (30 June Stadium) 

27/06/19 6:00PM Senegal versus Algeria - Group C (30 June Stadium) 

27/06/19 9:00PM Kenya versus Tanzania – Group C (30 June Stadium) 

01/07/19 8:00PM Kenya versus Senegal - Group C (30 June Stadium) 

01/07/19 8:00PM Tanzania versus Algeria - Group C (Al-Salam Stadium) 

Gathering D Fixtures 

23/06/19 3:30PM Morocco versus Namibia - Group D (Al-Salam Stadium) 

24/06/19 3:30PM Ivory Coast versus South Africa-Group D (Al-Salam Stadium) 

28/06/19 6:00PM Morocco versus Ivory Coast – Group D (Al-Salam Stadium) 

28/06/19 9:00PM South Africa versus Namibia - Group D (Al-Salam Stadium) 

01/07/19 5:00PM Namibia versus Ivory Coast-Group D (30 June Stadium) 

01/07/19 5:00PM South Africa versus Morocco - Group D (Al-Salam Stadium) 

Gathering E Fixtures 

24/06/19 6:00PM Tunisia versus Angola-Group E (Suez Stadium) 

24/06/19 9:00PM Mali versus Mauritania-Group E (Suez Stadium) 

28/06/19 3:30PM Tunisia versus Mali – Group E (Suez Stadium) 

29/06/19 3:30PM Mauritania versus Angola - Group E (Suez Stadium) 

2/07/19 8:00PM Angola versus Mali – Group E (Ismailia Stadium) 

2/07/19 8:00PM Mauritania versus Tunisia – Group E (Suez Stadium) 

Gathering F Fixtures 

25/06/19 6:00PM Cameroon versus Guinea-Bissau-Group F (Ismailia Stadium) 

25/06/19 9:00PM Ghana versus Benin-Group F (Ismailia Stadium) 

29/06/19 6:00PM Cameroon versus Ghana – Group F (Ismailia Stadium) 

29/06/19 9:00PM Benin versus Guinea-Bissau – Group F (Ismailia Stadium) 

2/07/19 5:00PM Benin versus Cameroon – Group F (Ismailia Stadium) 

2/07/19 5:00PM Guinea-Bissau versus Ghana – Group F (Suez Stadium) 

Friday fifth Of July 2019 


5/07/2019 5:00PM 1D versus third Place Group B/E/F (Al-Salam Stadium) 

5/07/2019 8:00PM 2A VS 2C 

6/07/2019 6:00PM 2B versus 2F 

5/07/2019 8:00 PM 1A versus Third Place Group C/D/E 

7/07/2019 5:00PM 1B versus Third Place Group A/C/D 

7/07/2019 8:00PM 1C versus Third Place Group A/B/F 

8/07/2019 6:00PM 1E versus 2D 

8/07/2019 8:00 PM 1F versus 2E 


Wednesday tenth of July 2019 

6:00PM Round of 16 second Winner versus Round of 16 first Winner 

8:00PM Round of 16 fourth Winner versus Round of 16 third Winner 

Thursday eleventh Of July 2019 

6:00PM Round of 16 seventh victor versus Round 16 sixth champ 

8:00PM Round of 16 fifth Winner versus Round of 16 eighth victor 


Sunday fourteenth of July 2019 

5:00PM Quarterfinal versus Quarterfinal 

8:00PM Quarterfinal versus Quarterfinal 


17/07/2019 8:00PM Semi-last Loser 1 versus Semi-last Loser 2 


19/07/2019 8:00PM Semi-last Winner 1 versus Semi-last Winner 2