Thai woman’s post on social media garnered
attention when she exposed her abusive husband
who hit her to the point of miscarriage.
According to China Press, the 36-year-old woman
was working at a massage parlour, where she met
her (now) husband, who’s younger than her by 10
years. She was happy to have found herself a
partner and decided to leave her job to become a
But who knew the husband would be lazy and
jobless? He made her go back to work with a
pregnant belly!
He also demanded money from her the whole
time, while he stayed at home doing nothing.
The wife saved an amount of money for the
husband to set up his curry business. But his
curry business failed, and her money went to
waste. She didn’t want to lose her money
anymore, so she refused to give him any, which
resulted in arguments and he would beat her up.
In a recent fight, he requested money from her
again, but because he didn’t get the amount he
wanted, he beat her up.
This time, she felt an excruciating pain in her
abdomen, and a lot of blood dripped onto the
ground! A developing fetus was seen lying in the
pool of blood.

Right after it happened, she decided that she had
enough of the abuse. After taking photos of her
wounds and the aborted fetus, she then left for
the hospital.
It’s reported that she has two children, one with
her ex-husband, and one with the current one.
Both of the children are at her mothers in-laws
house. She hasn’t been able to see or contact
them for days, and she’s anxious about her older
child (a daughter of her ex-husband). It would be
difficult for her to live in such a hostile
Netizens commented that instead of posting this
incident on social media, she should’ve reported
to the police.
The police stated that they have seen her social
media post but have yet to receive her report.
They are trying to contact both the woman and
her abusive husband.
This piece of saddening news reminds us that no
woman would be spared in abusive relationships.
Please look out for your fellow sisters and be
there for them when they need help the most. Any
form of abuse — being physical or mental — is not

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