My Heart

Episode 1
story by Japhy
Tears stream down my eyes as i stared at my two children, my twins, i have to undergo through caesarean operation. I smiled as I touched my girls. Ever since i was a kid i have always admire and wish to have twins and God exactly grant me this. I felt so happy seeing them but i was so scared of what they future holds for me, how can i take care of them. The nurse quickly rushed in and notice one of my baby isn't moving or rather breathing well, she quickly called the doctor and my baby was rushed out, i was too weak to stood up cos i was operated.
"my baby, please what happening..? i yelled in tears. But no one answered me, i looked at my other baby she was quite okay. Am Russell am just twenty two years, my husband cheated on me, he left me for another bitch while he knows i was pregnant for him, i don't want to talk about my past, i just pray my baby is still alive.
Few minutes later they nurse and doctor came in without my other baby.
"please what happen to my daughter, bring her back to me," i cried.
"your daughter is suffering from a heart disease and needed to be treated for a while, but she'll be fine," the doctor said while i couldn't help but shed more tears, why will she have to suffer on the first day she was born. Was she born to suffer, why would life to be this wicked to let my daughter pass through this an hour after her birth.
"is she still alive? i asked and they nodded.
"she's okay for now," the doctor said while i wipe away my tears. Why will God have to add another problem to me again. Heart disease! what does that suppose to mean, i couldn't help but to cry throughout that night. Later in the evening my brother Lucas came, he was the only family i had.
"OMG twins! where's the other baby? he asked then sat on a chair beside me.
"she with the doctor, she's having some problem in her heart," i said while he looked so pale.
"heart! too bad," he said looking at the other baby.
"she look so beautiful,".
⏭️ After some weeks i was discharged back home with my two daughters, i really wish my husband is here to see our kids, thinking about him make me shed more tears.
"Russell your still crying? Lucas asked while i wipe away my tears, i was done bathing and breastfeeding the twins and i laid them gently in their crib, while i watch them sleeping peacefully.
"how do i go cope with those girls? i asked Lucas.
"what's their name? he asked while i smiled.
"Brittney and Courtney," i said. " Courtney is the one suffering from the disease, i just hope she survived. Lucas i don't want to lose any of my daughter, i love them both," I said trying to hold back more tears from my eyes.
"your brother gat your back Russell, i will always be by your side and as for Courtney i hope she survived. All we need to do is to get much money to raise those kids and make sure they attend good school," he said while i smiled looking at my daughters.
I don't want to remember my past because it keep on hurting me each day i remember, i really want to forget everything about my past and move on.
As time rolled by, Brittney and Courtney turn three years on 23rd december. Lucas and i took them out to the park to celebrate, buying them much ice cream and chocolates, Brittney so much love vanilla ice cream while Courtney prefer chocolates. We ate to our satisfaction and have fun. I was so scared when Courtney fainted when she was playing with Brittney, we quickly rushed her to the hospital.
"doctor, how is my daughter doing? I asked as tears slide down my eyes.
"she's suffering from heart disease a Rheumatic fever, it gat to do with an inflammatory illness and sometimes follows streptococcol throat infection, most commonly in children and young adults, it an autoimmune disorder the..
"doc, i don't even get your terms, just save my daughter," i yelled in tears while Lucas held me.
"i understand Ma'am, but death rarely occurs in the acute phases, but after recovery there maybe permanent damage to the heart valves eventually leading to to disability and possible cardiac failure," the doctor said while i kept shedding tears.
"what the remedy to all this doctor, we need a solution to this," Lucas said holding my hands.
"well you know heart failure happens acutely, the body has little time to make compensatory changes, but the heart fails over a period of time, she will be placed on some diet and drugs for the main time before the surgery because that the only way she can be free," the doctor explained future, i just hope my daughter will be fine.
The doctor prescribed some drugs for her which are expensive, i was quite happy because Lucas was able to brought the drugs, the doctor warned us about her condition, cos she's having a heart failure and have to stay away from runing, jumping or doing anything hard that will harm her heart. This makes Courtney sad all day seeing Brittney played while she does nothing makes her a sad girl all day and i hate seeing her so sad. I want to end all this, i want a final solution to her problem even thou she's just three, i want the doctors to end all this. Mrs. Lyra one of my friend who works in one of the good orphanage advise me to take Courtney their for the main time, so she could be treated well, because the government are responsible for the health of the children at the oprhanage and they might seriously look into Courtney condition and help. I was so helpless i never wanted to do that but i have to, i want her to be free from this heart disease, i want her to be as healthy as Brittney. I told Lucas about that, he also don't like the idea but i have to, i told Mrs. Lyra not to allow anyone adopt my daughter cos i will always checked on her and she accepted to do so.
Am Courtney am just eight years, beautiful, long black and blue hair. Am still at the oprhanage, Mrs. Lyra told me how my mom abandon me here in the orphanage, it been five years ever since she brought me here and never care to even check on me, am still suffering from the heart disease. I have always been gentle and calm allowing my mates to get on me anyhow, some call me a weakling just because i have a heart condition. Am naturally a quiet person and a girl with few words, it my nature to avoid the crowd and attached myself to only few people, i was different from my other mates in general but i had a close friend friend in Brown, a boy of perculiar talent and fancy, he was my only good friend at the oprhanage. Each time i keep praying to God to see my mom. Mrs. Lyra told me that am a twin i was happy when i heard that, i wonder why mom would have to choose my twin sister over me, cos she dumped me here and never return. Well am not mad at her, i don't get angry at people easily. Maybe mom was only planing to come if am free from this heart disease. I just want a new heart, i don't want to be deprive from what my other mates are doing, i really want to enjoy my childhood days, i don't want to be called a Weakling, i might have a weak heart but am not a weak person.
My heart.
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