Episode 11
story by Japhy
Brown's POV
Why is Courtney playing so hard to get, why is she behaving like this. I quickly picked up my car keys and followed her home. I need to sort this out with her. I walked in and wonder how she cope to live alone cos Loren and her parents travelled.
"Courtney! i yelled but everywhere was quiet, i walked upstairs to checked on her although i don't know her room but i know her room is next to Loren's room. I pushed the door with full force without knocking it, i just hope she won't get mad at me i just need to tell her something.
"Who the heck are you? i asked surprise to see two men, they were done tying her hands and were now tying her legs.
"who the hell sent you to her? i yelled ready to fight them. The first man moved closer to hit me but i quickly shifted and he fall to the ground, i quickly smash his hands and hit his head on the floor, the other man quickly ran out, i held his neck so tight but he didn't reply me, he struggle to freed himself but i punch him so hard and he was already bleeding through his nose.
"who sent you to you to her? i asked again but he pushed me aside and quickly ran out. I picked up my phone and called the security guard then quickly untie Courtney's hands and leg that were tied, i wonder if they were trying to kidnapped her or something, but who could have done this.
"Courtney,! i called out her name holding her hands, i notice she was shaking her head and was saying something i can't even hear.
"please don't leave me, stay with me," she said with her eyes closed but still holding my hands so tied. I make sure the security guard locked everywhere and also the back door, am sure those people might have come through the back yard.
Courtney's POV
I woke up feeling my head aching. Ouch! i just remembered what happen yesterday, it so scary, but i still didn't know what happen when they hit me and carried me to the bed. I turn to my right and was surprise to see Brown sleeping peacefully beside me and also on my bed. What the heck is he doing in this house, in my room and even on my bed. I stared at him for a while then tapped him.
"what are you doing here? i yelled while he open his eyes.
"Courtney are you now okay, how are you feeling? he asked so concern while i just glare at him.
"did you follow me home yesterday, what type of human are you Brown," i yelled.
"but i was able to save you from that guys that try to hurt you," he said while i looked at him blankly.
"you did? i asked.
"yes Courtney, and i wanted to sleep on the couch but you didn't let me, you held my hands so tight asking me to stay with you," he said while i just rolled my eyes then sighed.
"thank you, i said while he smiled then stood up.
"i will leave you now to rest but i want you to be much careful cos this place is not safe," he said
"but this my home, where else did you expect me to go," i said.
"i have talked to the security guards to be more conscious," he said while i smiled and give him a thank you look.
"i will just make something for you before you leave," i said while he stared at me for while then nodded.
I sighed heavily as he walked out of my room, i sat down on my bed still wondering what those people want from me, my room was so scattered already i wonder what else they need in my room, am just an orphan, don't they know i have nothing to give them. I stood up and went to the kitchen then made some coffee. I walked down stairs and meet Brown still their.
"thank you," he smiled as i hand him the cup of coffee.
"but were you able to know those people, i mean i don't know what they need from me and everyone knows am not the real daughter of Wilson but Loren," i said while he kept staring at me.
"uhmm.. you just need to be sensitive, who knows if they're sent by someone," he said while i wonder who will actually want me death. I know i and Loren are not getting alone but i don't think she can do this to me after all she's not even here.
"i don't know.. am so confused and scare at the same time, but thank you so much," i said while he smiled.
"you can actually rest for today, no going to work," he said while i nodded, suddenly his phone rang and he pickd up the call, i guess that was his mom calling.
"ok mom, am on my way now," he said then hunged up as he stood up to leave.
"i need to go, please if you need something you can call me," he said while i just nodded, he walked closer to me then held my hands, which make me wonder what he's up to.
"thank you Courtney, thank you for everything," he said staring at me which i felt like electric spark roar through my veins, the way he look at me really make me to shiver inside, i should be the one thanking him.
"for what" i asked stammering i don't know why i can't even think straight just because he's closed to me now and i could feel his breathe.
"for saving my life back then and for being my friend and my heroine," he said while i smiled.
"it okay Brown and thank you too," i said.
"okay then i have to go," he said then left, some part of me don't want him to leave, i quickly went back to my room and picked up my phone and video call dad.
"hey Courtney are you okay? he asked
"yes dad, but something terrible yesterday," i said while he looked so worried.
"what happen?
"some strange men came into the house and wanted to hurt me but i was glad Brown was just on time to save me," i said.
"what! how did they even get in, what about Andrew? i will talk to him to make sure he does his job well or else he get fired," dad said.
"am fine dad nothing to get worried about, am fine and i can take care of myself," i smile while looked at me.
"no Courtney stop pretending as if everything is okay, i will talk to Andrew to make sure nothing happen to you," he said while i smiled.
"you're always the best daddy," i smiled then hanged up. I feel so happy talking to dad now. I called Loren but she wasn't picking up my calls as usual.
Brown's POV
I felt so happy saving Courtney and i couldn't help but to smile and watch her sleep throughout the night, she looks so beautiful even when she's asleep, i really appreciate the fact she was nice enough to offer me coffee before leaving. I arrived home and saw mom and grandma at the sitting room, they were all looking so worried.
"hey mom, don't tell me you guys are worried because of me," i smiled then sat down.
"where have you been?. Brown can't you just try to be with one girl at a time, now that Loren has travelled are you flirting with any another girl," grandma said while i stood up.
"no grandma, i helped Courtney from some strange men who entered the house to hurt her, you know i can't leave her just like that," i said.
"too bad, is she fine? mom asked while i nodded then walked to my room. Thinking about what happen yesterday night, i guess it might be Loren and Anita handwork, but i have to confirm it first. I picked up my phone then called Loren immediately.
"babe, i terribly miss you so much," she said.
"i miss you too Loren, so how was the vocation, hope you guys are getting alone? i asked.
"sure, mom and dad are perfectly fine now and as for me and my dad we just resolve everything, we are actually happy family, that how our family was before Courtney came into the picture," she said while i just clear my throat.
"but Loren, hope you're not doing anything against Courtney? i asked while she kept quiet for sometime.
"i would never do such a thing Brown, at first i wanted to make her pay but i realise i still love her as my sister, i just want us to get alone when am back. Look Courtney might not be my biological sister and we might also not be getting alone but that doesn't mean i want death or somthing else, am not that heartless Brown," she said while is smiled.
"it okay Loren, i understand," i said.
"i love you so much Brown, don't forget once am back we gonna find time to spent together cos i miss you badly,"
"i miss you too Loren, just take care of yourself," i said then hanged up. Am glad Loren hasn't have anything to do with what happen to Courtney and i just hope Anita is also not involved. I smiled to myself then glance at some of my pictures with Loren, i miss her so much.
Anita's POV
I woke up and saw Greg beside me caressing my cheeks which make me giggle. Greg and i has been in a relationship for a year and half now, i so much love and trust him, i know Greg will never cheat on me, even thou he's one of the famous musician in canada. *Greg Austusco* he's still not a player and that what i like him for, he loves me and me alone.
"sweetheart," i said then kissed him.
"thanks for coming, i thought you will gonna come," he said while i smiled, well am in his big mansion to spent the weekend with him.
"you shouldn't mind whatever you see about me, you know most of my fans are all drooling just to have me," he said while i giggle.
"and you think am gonna let them happen, hell no! i just don't want you to break my heart," i said caressing his firm manly chest.
"and you think am gonna fall for anyone, look Anita, everyone knows about us so i can't afford to lose nor break your heart," he said then kissed me deeply. I so much love Greg and i hope this relationship led us to somewhere. I could kill just to have Greg for myself.
Brittney's POV
Mom has helped me combed my hair then style it, she works in salon so she exactly know how to make my hair beautiful. I was already dressed so beautiful in my red gown. I picked up my CV, am gonna try looking for this job again and this time i must get it, i hope i meet Brown at the office. I applied a red lip gloss to my lips looking more sexy. Just one kiss, one kiss, i guess sir Brown will gonna give me the job.
I quickly picked up my phone then called Arina and told her about the deal and she wish me good luck. I kept looking at Brown's picture in my phone, i can't believe i meet this guy, he's so handsome, hot and every girls dream, i guess working in his company will attract him to me the more. OMG Am already falling for him, i just hope that his girlfriend won't try to hurt me. Well am Brittney no one can get on me and go scot free. I kissed mom cheeks then quickly left. I arrived at the huge building standing right before me then smile, i adjust my dress then walked in, am not having an appointment with him i just hope they allow me see him in his office. I waited for about an hour because i told they went for a meeting.
"you can go in Miss, i just talked to him and he said you can go in with your CV," his secretary said while i smiled then stood up feeling so happy.
I walked into his office and i almost bumped into him, i guess he was trying to go out.
"uhm good day sir," i stammered, he raise his head and spent a while looking at me. I smiled to myself then moved closer and kiss him just the way i plan, i hope he fall it, i seriously need this job as well as i need him to.
.....Soon the door went open and Courtney who was holding a file walked in and was surprise when she saw Brown and Brittney kissing...
comments your opinion what did you think will gonna happen.
and what did you think about Brown? who is he in love with..?

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