Must I love her? 
By winky
Another style of writing
~Ryan's POV~..
"Love is already a feeling I can't have for another opposite sex except my mom and the reason behind it would be the story of another day"...
"I just finished dressing up for college but still busy checking myself out"..
".... Am every girls choice. Why? Because I'm tall, I have a brown blond hair and a glossy pink lips"..
"No female friends but they keep coming. I'm afraid I might fall for one. So instead, I keep male friends but I have two already.. "Jeff and Francis"; my best buddies. They use and dump girls, and that's likely part of the reasons I despised them, 70% out of them are useless except my mom.. But I do ask myself a question.. Must I love?"
"Ryan, you'll be late for school and get out of that room" mom yelled..
(I remember mom told me she's going to a near by town for a business transaction)
"She's my first love..I guess she's the only woman I can love with all my heart"..
"I carried my bag, put my headphone around my neck and made my way through the door"..
"Good morning mom, I greeted and walked passed her"..
"Ryan, I'm sure you remember I told you I'm going to a near by town for a business transaction" she said as she applied more make up...
"Women and their make ups".. I said and scoffed
"Any problem with that"? She asked
"No mom, but can we talk about the business stuff when I'm back from school? I'm fucking late".. I said and rolled my eyes..
"Ok ok, you can go and take care" she said and pecked my cheeks..
"Jeez, she and her pecks" I muttered..
"Mom see you later and you know I must meet you at home when I get back from college"? I asked as I adjust my collar shirt..
"Yes, just go and have a nice day" she said and left for her room..
"I'm sure these guys would be wondering why I'm not yet in school" I said while I picked my car keys and went out of the house..
" I entered my car, played one of my favorite songs by west life and drove off"..
"Encinal college Ryan is on his way".. I said and smirked..
So guys how was this chapter?

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