Must I love her?
By winky
Chapter 10

~Ryan's POV~

"Grrrh Grrrrrrh! Oh damn it!! Shut up.."

"I groaned as I kicked the alarm clock with my leg and rolled to the other side of the bed"

"The three weeks summer break has made me to be lazy. I just wish there's no school today and forever"

"Now I'll have to face those annoying teachers, the two idiots I called friends and that brat called avery"

"I stood up and hit my leg on the stool beside my bed"

"Arrrgh, ouch!! Fuck it!.. I went straight to the bathroom, removed my clothes and turn on the shower"

"Oh I love this!! I said and ran my hands through my hair"

"When I'm done bathing, I tied a towel around my waist and went back to my room"

"I brought out my uniform, underwear, shoes and bag"

"I applied a cream on my body, put on my boxer and singlet then my school uniform"

"I sat down on my bed to put on my black suade shoe when my phone rang"

"I picked it up without checking the caller"

"Me: hello, good morning
"Caller: morning, ryan where're you now?
"I was able to recognise the caller"

"Me: Jeff what's up?
"J : don't what's up me, I and Francis has been waiting for you
Me: waiting? You guys didn't sleep at home?
J: maybe but come early with Avery
Me: I'm on my way, I have to go now mom is calling me
J: OK, see you in school..
"He said and hang up"

"Ryan!! Come out of that room!!" Mom yelled from outside

"Jeez I guess she's set to go"

"I just hope she packed my food" I said to myself and carried my bag

"I took my headphone, I can't do without it.. and went of the room"

"Tada!! I heard a voice shout while I held my chest"

"Are you crazy?" I asked her

"Ryan c'mon I'm just joking" avery said

"Joking? And you want to give me a heart attack?" I asked looking pissed off

"Sorry oo, Mr heart attack".. She said and walked out

"Look at her, village girl" I said and hissed while she stopped and turned back to look me..

"What if I'm from the village huh?" She asked almost tearing up

"Did I just hurt her? I'm sor.."

"Shut up ryan, shut uppppp!!" She screamed and ran outside in her school uniform

"No lies, she looked beautiful and smart in her school uniform"..

"Good morning mom" I greeted her as I stepped outside

"What took you so long ryan? I have a meeting by 8am" mom said

"I'm sorry mom but where's avery? I asked her

"She ran inside the car just now, anything the problem? She asked

"No mom, let's go"I said to her while she entered the car and I did too then she drove us to school

"I looked back and saw avery, our eyes met but she looked away immediately"

"Why is she angry now?" I thought to myself

"Mom arrived at school and parked in front of the school"

"Avery be a good girl in school and ryan try to be friendly with her, okay?" Mom said

"I don't need his friendship, I'm a village girl and his a city boy so I know my class mom" avery said

"What? He called you that?" Mom asked looking surprised

"Yes he did mom" Avery said looking pissed off

"To be sincere this is the first time I saw her flared up, what I said was it too much?" I thought

"Mom see you in the evening" avery said and got out of the car

"Bye mom, see you later!" I said to her while she drove off

"I turned around and saw avery chatting with my friends but what I don't understand is how Francis was holding her by her waist"

"I walked up to them"

"Good morning guys" I greeted

"Avery stopped smiling and frowned her face at me"

"I'll deal with her later" I said to myself

"I'm off to class guys" I said and left..

"Ryan stop, jeff pulled me back using my bag"

"What's wrong? I asked him

"Is something wrong between you and avery?" He asked..

"Nothing is wrong" I said while I looked at the position she and Francis is..

"I'm hungry guys, I need to eat" I said to them

"We all are hungry, let's go to the cafeteria before class starts" Francis said and smiled at avery

"Damn it!" Why i'm I getting jealous?"

"I'm here with my food, you guys can go on, you'll meet me in class" I said and left...

"Why the hell I'm I feeling jealous"

"Its non of my business tho, its her life" I said to myself and walked to class...

So wah do u think guys??

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