Must I love her?
By winky
Chapter 8

~Eliza's POV~
"As I was coming from the board meeting, I met the gate widely opened"

"What could have happened?" I thought

"I drove inside, got down from the car and went to close the gate"..

"My gateman went to visit his family, so there's no need to get a new one since he's still coming back"

"I went back to the car, carried my back and suit then walked inside"

"I opened the door and closed it back"

"Ryan!! Avery!! Mom is back!!"

"Something isn't right, why is everywhere silent"..

"I stood up and checked the rooms but saw no one"

"I went to the kitchen and saw everywhere scattered"

"My goodness what's all this?"

"Ryan must have followed his friends but Avery where can she go to?"

"I went back to the sitting room and sat down on the couch, they'll both meet me here"

~Ryan's POV~
"Thanks doctor, I really appreciate" I said to him

"Its nothing ryan, make sure you take good care of her" doc said

"Of who sir?" I asked

"The girl standing beside you" he said pointing to Avery

"Oh!! She's not a kid, I'm sure she can look after herself or can't you?" I asked her

"I'm not sure darling" she said and winked

"Dar what?" I asked looking surprised

"Anything the problem ryan?" doc asked

"Nothings sir... Fuck you" I whispered to her

"And I would love it if you can" she said

"Is this girl crazy or what? She's just getting better anyways"

"Miss make sure you use your drugs and the inhaler must be with you always" doc said

"I will do that and thank you" avery said

"You're welcome, I have other patients to attend to.. Bye for now!!" he said and left
"So shall we?" Avery asked

"Shall we what?" I asked again

"Go home or you want us to take a walk?"

"You can take a walk if you like, I'm taking the car"

"Then let's go but call mom first, she might be at home now"

"You're right, I don't know you have sense" I told her

"What??" She shouted

"Let's go parrot"

"Whatever!! She said while I raised my eyebrow

"I touched my pocket but couldn't feel my phone"

"I think I dropped my phone at home avery"

"Its okay, we would just tell her what happened when we get home" she said

"Sure, let's go"

"I got inside the car while she did too"

"I start the car and drove off"

"All of a sudden, she started screaming, shouting!! Whoo!! Whooo!! Wow!!.. I love this"..

"What? What?" I shouted..

"She looked at me and laughed"

"And what's funny?" I asked looking pissed off

"Damn it! She's really getting on my nerves"

"I looked for a safe place and parked"

"Now tell me why you're screaming, don't you know you're just getting better huh?"

"The expression on her face showed surprise"

"Did you just get angry cos I'm stressing myself out?"she asked

"You can think anything, I don't care" I said and start the car

"I don't want to hear anything from you till we get home, okay?"

"Y...yes" she said

"Good girl" I said and she smiled..

"I think mom is home, I broke the silence as I parked in front of the house"

"Are you sure?" She asked

"Yes, the gate was widely opened when I drove you to the hospital this morning"

"Let me open the gate then" she said while trying to open the door

"If you dare stand up or open the door, i'll smack you" I said and she chuckled


"I got down from the car and opened the gate"

"I got inside the car back and drove in, then I sighted mom's car" I said it she's back..

"Lets go inside, don't worry I'll explain everything to her" I said to her and we both got out of the car then went inside

"Mom!!" I called her while Avery stood behind my back I guess she's scared"

"Ryan where're you.." She stopped talking when she saw avery behind me..

"I guess its not what I'm thinking? She asked and winked

"Don't even go there mom, I rushed her to the hospital this morning" I said and mom gasped

"What? Hospital? Avery come sit beside me"she said and dragged her

"Tell me what's wrong baby" she asked while caressing her dark long hair

"Mom I..uhm..well" avery starmmered

"Ryan what's wrong with her? Mom asked

"Well she's an asthmatic patient" I said while mom looked shock

"Oh my God.. Avery and you didn't tell me, even your mom?"

"I'm sorry mom, I was scared"

"Its okay, let's go inside and ryan clean that kitchen"

"What?? You're joking mom" I said..

"Avery is sick so help her do it, I'm so tired" she said and stood up..


"Soooooonnnn"she said and smirked

"But she's fine now"

"No, Avery follow me"she said and went in..

"Ok mom.. You better start cleaning"she said stick her tongue at me..

"Let me get hold of you" I said and she laughed..

"Mom ryan wants to beat me" she screamed

"He wouldn't dare" mom said from inside..

"I can help you if u like, come and call me inside"she said and left

"Damn it!!" I picked the pillow and threw it to only God knows where..

"Now I'm a cleaner!!" I said and went to my room...

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Ryan the cleaner!! 😁😁

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